20 HP Best Quality Air Handling Unit Chiller

20 HP Best Quality Air Handling Unit Chiller

ZheJiang HangZhou CZPT CZPTry Co., Ltd.
ZheJiang HangZhou CZPT CZPTry Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturing, production, product sales, and services as one of the plastic auxiliary products and industrial temperature manage of the area of outstanding producing enterprises. 
We have 10 many years knowledge of the designer crew, To offer the greatest provider to our consumer.
Our merchandise have handed the ISO9001 and CE technique certification.
The main generation of CZPT Chillers, CZPT Crusher, Mould Temperature Management CZPT, Hopper Dryer, Hopper Loader, CZPT Mixer And CZPT Towers.
CZPT in CZPTe, the CZPTicas, Africa, CZPT Asia, much more than twenty international locations and gain acceptance.


HangZhou Chiller gives cost-effective refrigeration options for plastic business, digital business, electroplating sector, mechanical industry, development industry, vacuum coating business, foods industry, pharmaceutical sector and other industries

Product variety parameter

(Make sure you give following parameters, HangZhou sales staff will pick the appropriate machine for you.

one.What is the max ambient temperature in your place?

2.What is your ask for of bare minimum cooling temperature?

three.What is your voltage ?Such as frequency and Hertz

four.What is actually your option of refrigerant? R22/R407c/R134a or other individuals?

5.What is the greatest cooling capacity(KW/kcal/h) you want?


Product Identify Drinking water-cooled Chiller
CZPT Ability 15~164 KW
Refrigerant Variety R22 / R134a / R407c
Management Approach Outdoors The Well balanced Thermal Growth Valve
Evaporator Kinds Tank Coil
Chilled H2o 2.6~28.two m³/h
Drinking water Tank fifty~350 L
Condenser Type Shell And Tube
CZPT Drinking water three.5~37.9 m³/h
Pump Electricity .37~four.five KW
Lift 20~52 M

EMERSON fully enclosed scroll compressor, a lot more successful than reciprocating compressor twenty~30%. It has the advantages of sleek and reliable procedure, lower performance and lower fault, lower vibration sounds, convenient routine maintenance and long existence. Substantial-good quality compressor as the heart of the chiller, we decide on CZPTe, the CZPT States, Japan High-good quality import manufacturer CZPT compressor, constructed-in safety protection, minimal sound, electrical power preserving and resilient, in purchase to increase the support life of the equipment.

Evaporator main corrosion resistance, very good thermal conductivity, large temperature, heat exchange overall performance, non-polluting media (non-toxic), not simple to scale, non-magnetic, not easy to leak. The inner core adopts a substantial-power sealing structure, which is sealed effectively and boosts heat trade functionality.


FCNP CZPT steel pump. With substantial elevate, huge flow, minimal energy intake, sleek and trustworthy procedure, higher performance and reduced fault, reduced vibration sounds, prolonged daily life and other advantages, to make sure that water quality absent from corrosion.
Some merchants in order to preserve charges, will be geared up with very poor performance of the h2o pump, will lead to the device cooling influence is not great, operation is unstable, the likelihood of repair is higher and so on. We use FCNP stainless metal pumps to make the machine far more sturdy and much better.

The use of 304 total stainless metal thick drinking water tank, one welding molding, rust-proof, anti-corrosion, place an finish to h2o air pollution, when wiped, as clean as new.Inside of the automatic rehydration device, large-effectiveness inside thread double-layer copper coil, real foot amount evaporator, with large stainless steel drinking water tank, rapidly decrease heat, to obtain cooling impact.When compared with other equipment of the exact same design, a lot more cooling potential, increased effectiveness, a lot more energy saving, cleansing and routine maintenance a lot more practical and fast.

SIEMENS CZPTtrical Techniques
CZPT method developed-in compressor superload protector, circulating water pump superload, technique large and low pressure protector, compressor begin electronic time delay, German SIEMENS digital items, with a seem electrical defense program.

Bump Microcomputer Control Method
The clever handle program of microcomputer is precisely controlled, Straightforward operation, smart begin and quit, CZPT temperature manage within 5 to forty five degrees of arbitrary adjustment, Liquid crystal display screen, all sorts of faults at a glance, Monitor ingends in actual time, A number of protection functions, The Chinese and English interface sits to change, To meet up with the requirements of various consumers, Easy to run.

20 HP Best Quality Air Handling Unit Chiller