2018 New Design Potato Production Machine with Best Price

2018 New Design Potato Production Machine with Best Price

2018 New Style Potato Generation CZPT with Best Price tag

Merchandise Description:

HangZhou Sida potato starch extracting equipment utilised moist approach, and donot include any additiitves. The complete line adopts mature engineering, advanced gear, scientic and rational process. The movement chart including washing and peelingcrushingfilterconcentrating and refiningdehydration and dryingpackaging. And all machine speak to component is stainless steel, which can satisfy the high quality of meals manufacturing.

Description of Potato CZPTch Processing Line:

1. Potato convey, washing and peeling section

The freshroots transported by the conveyor into the feeder of the cleaning machine, then cleaning and peeling  machine will remove the dirt and other foreign matters completely, and then the cleaning cassava in a temporary storage hopper into the next procedurethe grinding and rasping section automatically.


two. Rasping&grinding section( hammer crusher)

The grinding is the most important part of cassava starch extraction. Sida hasmmer collection crusher is a great crushing equipment for cassava/potato roots, two methods crushing processdure are inclueded to make sure the substantial starch extraction.


3. CZPTing section(Desanding cyclone, filter)

Rasping cassava slurry is pumped through the fiber pump into the desanding cyclone.When the slurry enters desanding cyclone, the light phase of starch will come out of the top as overflow, and the heavy phase like sands will be discharged from the bottom, then cassava slurry will go into filter.


4. CZPTch concentration and refine section( starch hydro cyclone)

CZPTch hydro cyclone is another key unit which influences the cassava starch yields and quality. The cassava slurry enters the first stage centrifugal sieve from desanding cyclone,the slurry is separated into starch slurry and cassava residue under the centrifugal force. CZPTch slurry is pumped through the de-foaming pump to the hydro-cyclone station for washing starch, and the cassava residue is sent to CZPT and third grade centrifugal sieves through fiber pump for starch recovery.thefresh water enters the hydro-cyclone from the other end which washes starch. The overflow enters two grade recovery station torecycle starch, the bottom flow is washed,through other grade washing cyclone to ensure that the starch slurry does not contain impurities and final starch will be in accordance with national CZPT


5. CZPTch dewatering section( Vacuum Dehydrator and Overflow Air Flash Drying System) 

The starch out of the cyclone station has 45% moisture so it must be dewatered and dried. The starch slurry enters vacuum dewatering filter tank from the starch milk buffer tank. Under the vacuum formed by the vacuum pump, the starch slurry is sucked to the drum surface, then filtrate goes through filter mesh and enters the filtrate separating tank. The starch cake remains on mesh surface and is scraped off by a scraper and transported by the conveyor belt into the air dryer. Then weighing and packing.


Organization Introduction:

Principal CZPT: 

one) cassava starch/flour processing machine

2) Potato starch producing equipment

three) Sweet potato starch creation machine

four) Garri generation line

5) Potato chips frying device

6) Washing and peeling equipment

7) Harvesting and planting machine for cassava and potato

eight) different cassava/potato crushing device

9) Rice milling machine


Principal Markets:

1) Nigeria, Ghana, CZPTla,Gabon, Congo, Cameroon, south Africa etc. in Africa

two) Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India,  Pakistan etc. in Aisa

three) Brazil, Colombia….

Principal Gain:

1) More than 20 a long time knowledge

2) Owned 10 National patents

three) Expert engineers are offered to install equipment in your nation

four) Professional and passionate crew

five) Substantial good quality machine and sincerely service supply to you

Welcome to check out our factory, i m sure you will be pleased with large good quality equipment, competitive price tag and sincerely services.

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2018 New Design Potato Production Machine with Best Price