30t 50t 100t 200t Oil Mill Plant

30t 50t 100t 200t Oil Mill Plant

Our firm can offer all varieties of oil mill plant with solvent extraction and refinery. Auxilary gear like bottle blowing device, oil packing equipment, squander drinking water therapy tools all can be provided.

Also we can design and style the complete generation line according to your particular ask for.

Listed here we give an short introduction about our 5OTPD oil milling plant.

This creation line consisted of below machines largely:

one) Pre-urgent plant

This plant consited of equipment like flaking device, steam cooking equipment, pre-push device, plate and scenario filter machine, conveyor, oil pump, oil tank etc. It is used to press raw material into crude oil.

Crude oil can be straight packed and sell, the taste is great and nutritive price is high. In China, several CZPT oil business sell this oil like LuHua, JingLongYu and so on. This oil is appropriate to market in place with substantial temperature.

2) 30TON per working day solvent extraction plant.

Right after pre-pressing, there are nonetheless a lot oil in the cake, so that we need this solvent extraction plant to extract the oil from the cake. The capability of extracting is dependent on the oil content material of substance.

The equipment in this stage contain: Solvent tank, steam boiler, desolventizer, Sizzling water circulation tank, evaporatoring device, stripping machine, condenser, solvent pump and so on.

3) 20Ton per working day oil refinery plant.

The oil from pre-pressing and from solvent extraction still can’t achieve initial quality oil quality, so we need this refinery plant to have a more deep therapy. The critical approach is: CZPTization, Bleaching, Deodorization, winterization.

CZPTization phase employing NaOH solution to remove the free fatty acid.

Bleaching stage utilizing beaching earth to bleach the oil.

Deodorization stage adopting conductive oil recycling program to eliminate the smelly variables underneath vacuum situations.

Winterization stage utilised to remove the wax in the oil, so that even in frozen seaon the oil will not freeze and deposit.

Following above treatment, you will get 1st course edible oil, then you can pack them into bottles and promote to market.

Any intrigued buyer remember to speak to us for thorough discussion about this equipment.

30t 50t 100t 200t Oil Mill Plant