3bbl Brewhosuse with Electric Heating, 3bbl Fermenters for Micro Brewery

3bbl Brewhosuse with Electric Heating, 3bbl Fermenters for Micro Brewery


Fundamental Configuration: 3BBL Mash/Lauter + 3BBL kettle/whirlpool tank
A two vessel brew house as the standard configuration
A very hot water tank planning the very hot h2o in advance to make certain there is sufficient water for mashing in and sparging and so forth, which is really important for ongoing brewing. HLT is also utilized for hot drinking water storage after wort cooling.
Heat exchanger spec will be outlined as the genuine brew data like wort/h2o inlet/outlet temperature and so on. A double stage warmth exchanger, with 1st stage with normal faucet h2o for cooling, and sizzling h2o after 1st wort cooling can be transferred to scorching h2o for new brew. The wort stream is regulated as the precise cooling approach, the total wort cooling can be attained by just town drinking water/cold drinking water in winter time.
The CZPT stage wort cooling uses glocol liquid from glycol tank, which is much more employed in summertime time when the city h2o temp is larger.
Unique note:

  1. The mash and lauter tun geared up with top agitator, with shaft connector to reduced the twist power and prolong the tanks utilizing daily life.  VFD managed for stir is constantly required.
  2. Lauter tun with blade stir design and style makes sure the proper lautering effectiveness and great wort clearance, CZPT investing is computerized, which is moved by the grain out plate of stir unit. The  Lauter tun installed with side grain out door, with slope for easier grain out.
  3. A wort grant is configured and aligned with the lauter tun design and style avoiding vacuum result in between grain mattress and tank bottom during the lautering method, so filter plate can be effectively guarded. Sight glass mounted with wort grant for greater clearance checking. Wort grant with level sensor for much better liquid stream management.
  4. Whirlpool combined with kettle tun, tangent wort inlet, stream velocity of 3m/s. A possible  “wort dam” can be mounted with the tank for distinct wort assortment.


The fermenters are for equally fermentation and storage, with regular cylinder-conical layout. For the two prime and bottom fermentation. The tank can be used as unitank.  
The cooling line style to be configured as the precise confirmed format with customer in later stage.
The transportable pump is configured for beer transferring. It can be also used for CIP cleaning of the individual tanks.  
All piping for cooling to be pre assembled and tested in our workshop, the glycol primary inlet is related straight with the glycol pump.

Additional clarification on glycol line design and style idea:

  1. Solenoid valve for automated temp manage, with ball valve prior to and following the valve for glycol control when required, to make confident we have not glycol throwing away when maintaining the glycol line, or preserve cooling functions on likely when the solenoid has issues.   
  2. ZYBREW cooling jacket design tends to make certain there is the ideal flow within to make total use of the cooling energy.   
  3. There is one particular examine valve (one way valve) configured at jacket glycol outlet, to stay away from any glycol again flowing when the automobile valve for glycol control is stopped.
  4. The primary coming and returning line equipped with force reducing system and bypass circulation to stay away from any problem result in by larger stress when piping glycol in.  
  5. All the glycol line configured with correct polyurethane insulation to reduce the cooling strength decline.
  6. The glycol line is properly prepared with correct connectors for introducing much more fermenters in the long term.  

3bbl Brewhosuse with Electric Heating, 3bbl Fermenters for Micro Brewery