Awn Dregers Used Gravel and Sand Dredging Pump

Awn Dregers Used Gravel and Sand Dredging Pump

AWN Dregers Utilized Gravel and Sand Dredging Pump


AMG/AMGH gravel pumps, CZPT of this pump is of single casing linked by signifies of clamp bands and extensive moist passage. The moist areas are produced of Ni tough and large chromium abrasion resistance alloys.

The discharge route of pump can be oriented in any direction of 360 degrees. This type of pump possesses the benefits of simple set up and operation, excellent functionality of NPSH and abrasion resistance.

CZPT varieties involves V-belts driven, versatile coupling pushed, equipment box pushed, hydraulic coupler driven, variable frequency pushed, thyristor velocity manage and so forth.

AMG/AMGH gravel pump are designed for continually managing the most hard larger abrasive slurries which incorporate also huge solids to be pumped by a common pump. They are ideal for providing slurries in mining, explosive sludge in steel melting, grudging in dredger and training course of river, and other fields. Kind GH pumps are of large head kinds

CZPT types for Huge capability long existence centrifugal horizontal anti abrasion gravel sucking pump includes:
V-belts pushed, versatile coupling driven, equipment box pushed, hydraulic coupler driven, variable frequency driven, thyristor pace management and so forth. 

Structural Functions
     – Single phase, one suction, horizontal centrifugal dredge pump
     – Damp parts these kinds of as casing, impeller, liner plate in anti-abrasion higher chrome forged iron alloy.
     – Horizontal-central-break up container bracket straightforward for maintaining 
     – Packing or mechanical seal
     – Protective shell bordering the casing ideal for weighty obligation
     – CZPT optimization design, large-successful, vitality-preserving and secure procedure

Pump Overall performance


Outlet Dia








Max Energy


Max Reliable


six/4D-AMG a hundred 600-1400 36-250 7-56 sixty 82
8/6E-AMG a hundred and fifty 800-1400 a hundred and eighty-540 12-52 a hundred and twenty one hundred twenty
ten/8F-AMG two hundred five hundred-one thousand a hundred and eighty-820 twelve-fifty six 560 178
12/10G-AMG 250 four hundred-850 360-1200 twelve-60 600 220
fourteen/12G-AMG three hundred three hundred-700 seven hundred-2700 eight-70 600 241
fourteen/12TU-AMG 300 three hundred-seven hundred 700-2700 8-70 1200 241
10/8F-AMGH 200 five hundred-1100 fifty-900 20-90 560 one hundred eighty
12/10G-AMGH 250 350-700 500-2000 20-eighty 600 210
sixteen/14TU-AMGH 350 250-five hundred a thousand-2800 twenty-eighty 1200 230

Hefty responsibility CZPT Process     Coal Preparation Plant
Cyclone Feeds                        CZPT Processing
Tailings                                    Mill Grinding
Slurry Feeding System            Heavy Refuse Removal
Pulp And Paper                       Dredging
CZPT Slurry                        High Density Slurries
Ash Handling                           CZPT Processing

8 guidelines for upkeep Big large duty centrifugal horizontal mining diesel engine sand pump 
1. When operated dredge pump, the bearing temperature can not more 35 oC than ambient. The max can not exceed 80 oC.
two. If abnormal sounds transpired shall cease the dredge pump correct now and check the place is wrong.
3. Prior to cease the pump, stop the gate valve, strain gauge initial and then the motor.
four. For the fist month operate, the pump shall modify the lubricating oil for the initial 100hours, and then alter 1 time per 500hours.
five. Adjust the packing gland often to make positive the leakage as the CZPT.
6. Examine the shaft sleeve often, if be abrasive badly shall modify well timed.
seven. Throughout the chilly winter season ahead of end, should disassembly the discharge plug screw under the pump casing, and discharge the liquid in the casing to stay away from frost crack.
8. It quit the dredge pump extended term, shall disassembly the pump completely, make the parts dry, and then smear oil on the rotor parts and connect place. The last assembly well.


Reputable and comprehensive quality assurance method makes certain the outstanding quality of our merchandise. We have acquired the “CZPT Regular” certification, manufactured in accordance to GB, Office of superscript, and sector CZPTs, we employ a extensive quality administration during the complete method of generation, accordance with the approach file processing strictly, and a selection of detection approaches and so on.

We have satisfy the needs of GB3216-89 countrywide Course B precision, , pc take a look at data checking of water test pumping station software. There are actual physical chemistry laboratory, metallographic analysis space in our manufacturing facility, for tests content qualities in distinct respects.

one. CZPT Policy

   Advocates high quality is the life of company, assiduous, the pursuit of excellence

2. CZPT aims

   qualified items fee 99%, manufacturing unit qualified move rate: one hundred%

three. CZPT Commitment

  one) We will proceed to enhance the consciousness of quality, employing as GB/T19001-2000 good quality assurance product CZPT, assembly complex demands stipulated in the agreement. We are not only discharge for the supplier host, but also for the top quality of spare components, exterior support goods and many others.

  2) We assure the shipping and delivery time stipulated in the agreement.


Awn Dregers Used Gravel and Sand Dredging Pump