Back-Covered Mixed Flow Pump

Back-Covered Mixed Flow Pump

Massive Potential Horizontal Combined-flow pump Introduce

HW pumps are horizontal, solitary stage, solitary suction, volute sort combined circulation pump. Simple, reliable, simple fitting, and large efficiency, little dimension and mild fat. Applies to transport h2o or other liquids actual physical and chemical houses related to drinking water. Temperature of transmission fluid is not greater than 50 levels.Extensively used in agricultural irrigation, industrial and urban water provide and drainage and other events.

Big Ability Horizontal Combined-circulation pump Function

1. HW pump brings together the pump cover, impeller, shaft, bushings and bearings and other key elements.
2. Pump protect connects to pump and inlet respectively.
3. Seal system is composed of packing, packing gland, packing ring, and pump the fill ring.
4. Axil sleeve is to safeguard the shaft. Well timed substitution after worn.
5. Shaft is beared by one row radial ball bearing. Lubricating oil can be employed on bearings oil must be managed in between the strains marking on the oil benchmark also grease can be employed can be included in the pump assembly.
6. The screw hole on the prime of the pump is utilised for irrigation h2o or extra drinking water by way of link of vacuum pump.
7. To increase the use of pumps to fulfill various specifications of customers, can minimize impeller 

Massive Capability Horizontal Combined-stream pump Exhibit

Big Capability Horizontal Combined-movement pump Application

HW large movement horizontal blended-movement h2o pumps are extensively used in agricultural irrigation, industrial and urban drinking water source and drainage and other instances.


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Back-Covered Mixed Flow Pump