Best Price of Stainless Steel CIP Cleaner

Best Price of Stainless Steel CIP Cleaner

CIP Cleansing Program

Functioning Theory
CIP cleaning system can instantly prepare cleansing fluid by placing up plan (adjustable plan). The entire cleansing approach can be finished by pneumatic manage valve, feed pump and return pump. The manage program composed of conductivity detector and PLC contact screen achieves computerized on the web cleansing.

Application Area
At existing, clever CIP in-situ cleaning system is widely utilised in bio-fermentation, pharmaceuticals and other industries with large cleaning needs to attain sanitary and aseptic impact.

System Composition
CZPT CIP technique is a central integrated method, like injection tank, CIP tank, plate heat exchanger, pipe filter, feed pump, return pump, temperature controller, degree controller, conductivity detector, PLC touch screen, handle cabinet and technique valve elements.

500L    CIP cleansing technique

This merchandise is utilised for cleansing pipeline and container tools in pharmaceutical factory, also can be employed for cleansing content pipeline and equipment in dairy factory, beverage manufacturing unit, brewery and standard meals factory.

1.Cip-500 cleaning system:CIP cleansing method is by the manual planning of cleansing fluid, transport and reflux-cycle cleaning, discharge, restoration and other processes.
In the whole cleansing procedure, there is no want to open up the equipment and generation line pipes manually, which can boost the utilization price of tools, reduce the labor depth of personnel, and guarantee the cleansing result of products.

2. Its configuration is as follows:
A. A scorching h2o tank of 500L, with vertical double-layer insulation framework, materials of 304 stainless steel, equipped with 350 overall health degree fast-opening manhole, diaphragm thermometer, static stress level meter, etc.
B. A 500L cleaning fluid tank, with a vertical double-layer insulation construction, manufactured of 304 stainless steel, outfitted with 350 overall health stage swift-opening manhole, diaphragm thermometer, static pressure stage meter, and so forth.
C. Plate warmth exchanger, warmth exchange spot of 5m²
D. A single CIP conveying pump, produced of 304 stainless metal, with a flow of 5T/H and a head of 45m.
E, CIP return pump, material is 304 stainless metal, movement is 5T/H, head 16m.
F. A single pipe transfer box, made of 304 stainless metal.
H. The total frame is produced of 304 stainless steel.
I. The pipe valve elements in the system are manufactured of 304 stainless metal.
J, PLC and Received control method
K and PH value on-line detection
L. Liquid level on the internet detection
M, one lye pump, energy 25W
N. A concentrated alkali measuring tank of 100L


Best Price of Stainless Steel CIP Cleaner