Best Price Spray Drying Machine

Best Price Spray Drying Machine

Ideal Price Spray Drying CZPT

1.Manufacturing Description:
one, Working Basic principle
Air via the filter and heater,enter into the drying chamber at the best of the sizzling air distributor, hot air spiraling evenly into the drying chamber,liquid material by means of the filter,despatched the top drying chamber of centrifugal spray head by pump.and it is sprayed into tinny fog droplets, with great surface area in get in touch with with the scorching air and the h2o evaporated speedily, within a quite limited time to dry grain merchandise, in the base and the cyclone separator seize by wet exhaust enthusiast to exterior.
two.Feature And Use
one)The spray dryer have quickly drying speed, the materials liquid by the centrifugal spray, to boost floor area, in the large temperature air, can evaporate ninety five-98% drinking water by memont. it requires only a few CZPTs drying time.
two)It Suitable for heat-delicate resources.Since the droplets and hot air circulation and flow path, despite the fact that the scorching air temperature is greater, but the materials does not overheat during h2o evaporation.
3) Product has very good dispersion, fluidity and solubility. due to the fact of the instantaneous drying, the merchandise can keep uniform fine granular
4) Generation processing is simple, convenient operation and handle.Particular substance for forty-sixty% moisture content (up to 90%) can dry powder products 1 time. Dried electricity don’t want to crushing and screening, lowered the creation approach, improve the item purity.For the solution particle measurement, bulk density, moisture, in a specified variety, can adjust to alter the running problems, management and management is quite hassle-free.
two.CZPT Parameter:

 Model HT-LXP5
  Inlet temperature (°C) ≤50-350ºC CZPTally controlled
 Outlet temperature (°C)  <60-100ºC
 Water evaporation capacity(kg/h) 5
Drying form of centrifugal nozzle CZPTtric
 Revolution of atomizer (r.p.m) 22000
Diameter of atomizing disc(mm) fifty
Max. power of electric heater(kw) nine
Total dimension (m) 1200*2000*2300mm
Dried powder recovery price (%) ≥95

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Best Price Spray Drying Machine