Ceramic Piston Ceramic Cylinder Liner for Metering Pumps

Ceramic Piston   Ceramic Cylinder Liner for Metering Pumps

Homes of Corrosion and Wear Resistant Ceramic Plunger for Pumps
&lpar1&rpar&interval CZPT metering
&lpar2&rpar&time period Substantial hardness and use&solcorrosion resistance&semi
&lpar3&rpar&time period Substantial functioning temperature&semi
&lpar4&rpar&period of time Excellent thermal shock resistance&semi

The UNIPRETEC ceramic metering pump module incorporates a ceramic piston&solvalve&solcylinder established with housing&period The housing for UNIPRETEC’S piston&solvalve&solcylinder sets are usually comprised of 316 CZPT Metal and Tefzel&period Customized materials can be utilized and are available on request&period of time The piston&solvalve&solcylinder set is sealed by the match of the piston into the cylinder&time period UNIPRETEC ceramic pump modules are optimistic displacement mechanisms that do not have external valves and can operate for hundreds of thousands and thousands of cycles with no measurable wear&period of time

There are three sorts of pump modules&colon Rotary&comma Linear and Multiplex which are utilized for distinct programs based upon the customer’s fluidic wants&interval These pump modules function otherwise even so&comma they share the exact same standard functions that consequence in a reduced maintenance pump module&colon

&ast mated&comma serialized piston&solvalve&solcylinder sets
&ast limited clearance 2&period3-5&period3 microns
&ast nominal Friction
&ast low fluid shear
&ast withstand schedule autoclaving and sterilization techniques
&ast chemically inert most acids&comma alkalines or solvents do not have an effect on the ceramics
&ast extremely challenging resist abrasion and wear
&ast no external seals essential owing to restricted clearance of piston&solcylinder
&ast titanium finish cap push in shape onto piston – gets rid of adhesive contamination issues
&ast reduced upkeep
&ast flushing gland accessible to help get rid of binding troubles with specific fluids

CZPT liquid filling&comma pharmaceutical equipment filling gear&comma food liquid filling and other industries&period of time

About UniPreTec
UniPreTec offers higher-performance ceramic goods in Alumina&comma Zirconia&comma Zirconia Toughened Alumina&comma Silicon Carbide&comma Silicon Nitride and additional specific materials&interval Together with these components&comma we supply a number of machining from which to select these kinds of as reducing&comma drilling&comma sawing&comma turning&comma grinding&comma sharpening and many others&period of time&period&periodFurthermore&comma our systems and equipments enable us to offer a variety of and flexible forming procedures&comma like dry urgent&comma isostatic pressing&comma extrusion&comma injection moulding and slip casting&time period

Attributes Device ninety five Al2O3 ninety nine Al2O3 ZrO2 GPSi3N4 BN Glass Ceramic
Crystal Structure hexagonal hexagonal tetragonal hexagonal hexagonal
Coloration white ivory white grey white white
Density g/cm³ three.sixty five 3.88 5.ninety five 3.22 two.26 2.55
Water Absorption % .-1.
Young’s Modulus Gpa 280 350 205 295 670 sixty five
CZPT Hardness Gpa fourteen 20 twelve 18-20
Flexural CZPT Mpa 280 three hundred 900 650 51 100
Compressive CZPT Mpa 2000 2500 2200 2200 230 five hundred
Thermal Conductivity  W/(m•K) 18-twenty five 30 two.2 twenty five 20 one.70
Thermal shock resistance ΔT(C°) 220 a hundred and eighty-200 280-350 450-650 >1500 25-a hundred
Max. Working Temperature  1500 1700 850 1200 960 800
Volume Resistivity Ω . cm >10^fifteen >10^14 >10^12 >10^14 ten^thirteen ten^sixteen
Dielectric Constant nine.50 nine.eighty 26 8.20 four.08 six.02
Dielectric CZPT kV/mm 16 22 16 375 forty

Ceramic Piston   Ceramic Cylinder Liner for Metering Pumps