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Product Description

Motexo Vent–

Roots Blower


Widely used in sewage treatment,; electric power,; petroleum,; chemical,; fertilizer,; steel,; metallurgy,;
oxygen,; cement,; food,; textile,; grade,; dust and back blowing,; aquaculture,;
pneumatic conveying and other sectors.;


Pressure changes when system resistance changes.;

Flow changes in little when pressure changes.;

Medium is free of oil

The flow range is wide and it can be chosen conveniently by users.;

Patent rotor profile to ensure reliable seal performance,;high efficiency and energy-saving.;

Variousmodel and type such as positive pressure,;negative pressure,;dry type,;wet type,;
one-stage or two-stage,;Different seal type to meet the requirements of varied media.;

Adopt imported bearings,; gear 5 precision,; main parts are processed by CNC equipment or
machining center

These roots blower are produced for customers special requests.;If the customer has other
requirementsfor pressure and air volume what is not included in the following list,;
please contact our technicians to design and select the appropriate tunnel fan.;


The casing is formed from the Q235 steel sheet to stainless steel SS316 or 304 with integral supports.;
The grey/red/white/orange paint finish is applied after production,; optional hot dip galvanization,;
furnace paint or epoxy paint is available.;



Direct driven,;belt driven

View more details and technical sheet of our axial fan ,;kindly please contact us to get latest catalog.;


  • Impellers in fabricated steel construction
  • Fan shaft machining
  • Qualified welding procedures according to GB norms
  • Virtually no limit to the type of material


For diverse requirements for customers or fans and blowers,; we have 3 methods available
Wooden box,; wooden palisade and paper carton.;
All package are passing international exported standard.;


Customer Cases—Industries/Mining/Metro Line/Tunnel Project Worldwide
We’ve been working with many project in Uganda,;Indonesia,; Myanmar,;Peru,;Pakistan and
other countries for tunnel&mining project,;sewage treatment project,;Steel plant boiler drafting project
nd Hydro Electric Power Plant.;
We understand the harsh environments in which fans are used.;
Motexo fans will meet and exceed the demands of your industry engineering,;
infrastruction project,; mining/tunnel project and other environment project.;

Production Workshop

Motexo Fan manufacture 300 series and more than 1,;400 kinds of industrial fans.;
All include heavy-duty designs for industrial applications.;
We have individual workshop for roots blower,;centrifugal fans&blowers,;
maintaining,;axial fan,;welding and assembling.;

For more info please direct check our website–motexco.;en.;made-in-china.;com

Production&Testing Equipment

Not only we can produce large batch of small fan,; we have processing capability to produce heavy
duty fans like above 3.;5m high.; We adopt the best technology in all aspects of industrial fan,;
such as shot blasting,; sand blasting,; all the paint process,; welding process,; etc.;
Stoving vanish looks brighter than water paint( ordinary painting color);.; It has more than 200 sets of fine,; large and rare processing equipment,; and has a high-tech resin CHINAMFG production line.;

Our equipment is generally used for power plants,; environmental protection plants,; coal plants,; and so on.;
It requires high technology and workmanship.;

SWSI FANS – UP TO 900,;000 CFM (1,;529,;100 M3/HOUR);
DWDI FANS – UP TO 1,;500,;000 CFM (2,;548,;500 M3/HOUR);

SINGLE-STAGE FANS   – UP TO 120 INCHES W.;G.; (29,;850 PA);
TWO-STAGE FANS        – UP TO 240 INCHES W.;G.; (59,;650 PA);

TEMPERATURE RANGE:;  UP TO 1,;500°F (815°C);
MOTOR SIZES:;  UP TO 15,;000 HP (11,;185 KW);
ARRANGEMENTS:;  1,; 3,; 7,; 8
WHEEL SIZES  :;  UP TO 160 INCHES (4,;065 MM);

Jet Fan Equiped with Frequency Control Panel/Soft Starter


Material: Iron
Usage: for Ventilation
Flow Direction: Cross Flow
Pressure: High Pressure
Certification: ISO
Air Flow: up to 120, 000 M3/Hr (70, 000 Cfm)


roots vacuum pump

Can Roots Vacuum Pumps Be Used for Environmental Testing in Chambers?

Yes, Roots vacuum pumps can be used for environmental testing in chambers. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Environmental Testing in Chambers: Environmental testing involves subjecting a product or component to various simulated environmental conditions to assess its performance, durability, and reliability. Chambers are commonly used for environmental testing and can simulate conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and gas composition. These chambers create controlled environments that mimic real-world operating conditions to evaluate how a product or component responds under different environmental stressors.

2. Role of Vacuum Pumps: Vacuum pumps play a crucial role in environmental testing chambers by creating and maintaining the desired vacuum conditions. They help establish specific pressure levels, remove unwanted gases or contaminants, and enable controlled gas flow within the chamber. Vacuum pumps are responsible for evacuating the chamber, achieving the desired pressure or vacuum level, and ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the environmental test results.

3. Advantages of Roots Vacuum Pumps: Roots vacuum pumps offer several advantages that make them suitable for environmental testing in chambers:

– High Pumping Speed: Roots pumps have a high pumping speed, allowing them to quickly evacuate the chamber and achieve the desired vacuum level. This is particularly important when rapid cycling between different test conditions is required.

– Large Volume Handling: Chambers used in environmental testing can vary in size, from small-scale chambers to large walk-in chambers. Roots vacuum pumps are capable of handling large volumes of gas, making them suitable for evacuating chambers of different sizes efficiently.

– Continuous Operation: Roots vacuum pumps can operate continuously, ensuring the chamber remains at the desired vacuum level throughout the testing process. This is essential for maintaining test accuracy and consistency.

– Compatibility with Hybrid Pumping Systems: Roots vacuum pumps can be integrated into hybrid pumping systems, working alongside other pump technologies such as rotary vane pumps, scroll pumps, or turbomolecular pumps. This combination allows for enhanced pumping capability, achieving the desired vacuum levels and accommodating specific test requirements.

4. Considerations for Environmental Testing: While Roots vacuum pumps are suitable for environmental testing, several considerations should be taken into account:

– Gas Composition: Different environmental tests may involve specific gas compositions or mixtures. It is important to ensure that the selected Roots pump is compatible with the gases used in the testing process. Some gases may require special pump features or materials to avoid contamination or damage to the pump.

– Pressure Range: Environmental testing chambers may require a wide range of pressure levels to simulate various conditions. Roots vacuum pumps have limitations in terms of the ultimate vacuum level they can achieve. It is necessary to ensure that the selected pump can meet the pressure range requirements of the specific environmental tests.

– System Design: Proper system design is crucial to ensure efficient and reliable operation of the environmental testing chamber. Factors such as the chamber size, gas flow rates, evacuation times, and pressure control mechanisms should be considered when selecting and integrating Roots vacuum pumps into the testing system.

In summary, Roots vacuum pumps can be effectively used for environmental testing in chambers. Their high pumping speed, large volume handling capability, continuous operation, and compatibility with hybrid pumping systems make them suitable for maintaining the desired vacuum conditions during environmental tests. By considering factors such as gas composition, pressure range, and system design, Roots vacuum pumps contribute to the accurate and reliable assessment of product performance under simulated environmental conditions.

roots vacuum pump

What Are the Primary Applications of Roots Vacuum Pumps?

Roots vacuum pumps, also known as Roots blowers or rotary lobe pumps, are utilized in a variety of industrial applications where efficient and reliable vacuum generation is required. Here’s a detailed explanation of the primary applications of Roots vacuum pumps:

1. Chemical Processing: Roots vacuum pumps find extensive use in the chemical processing industry. They are employed for processes such as vacuum distillation, solvent recovery, drying, and degassing. Their high pumping speed and ability to handle corrosive gases make them suitable for handling various chemical vapors and byproducts.

2. Pharmaceuticals: In the pharmaceutical industry, Roots vacuum pumps are utilized for applications such as vacuum drying, tablet coating, freeze drying, and vacuum packaging. Their oil-free operation ensures a clean and contaminant-free vacuum environment, which is crucial for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

3. Food Processing: Roots vacuum pumps play a significant role in the food processing industry. They are employed for vacuum packaging, vacuum cooling, and vacuum drying of food products. The oil-free operation of Roots vacuum pumps ensures food safety and eliminates the risk of contamination.

4. Environmental Technology: Roots vacuum pumps are utilized in environmental technology applications, including wastewater treatment, biogas processing, and air pollution control. They are employed to extract gases, control emissions, and facilitate the treatment and purification of air and water.

5. Semiconductor Manufacturing: In the semiconductor industry, Roots vacuum pumps are used for processes such as ion implantation, physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and etching. Their high pumping speed and oil-free operation are crucial for maintaining clean vacuum conditions required in semiconductor fabrication.

6. Packaging and Printing: Roots vacuum pumps are employed in packaging and printing applications. They are used for vacuum packaging of products, vacuum forming of packaging materials, and in printing presses for paper handling and ink transfer.

7. Automotive Industry: Roots vacuum pumps find application in the automotive industry for processes such as brake system vacuum assist, crankcase ventilation, and emissions control systems. They help create vacuum conditions required for the operation of various automotive systems.

8. Research and Laboratory: Roots vacuum pumps are utilized in research laboratories and scientific facilities for a wide range of applications. They are used in vacuum ovens, freeze dryers, vacuum filtration, electron microscopy, surface analysis, and other laboratory processes that require controlled vacuum environments.

9. Energy Industry: In the energy sector, Roots vacuum pumps are used for applications such as steam turbine condenser air extraction, transformer drying, and vacuum impregnation of electrical components. They help maintain proper vacuum conditions for efficient and reliable operation of energy systems.

These are some of the primary applications where Roots vacuum pumps are commonly used. Their high pumping speed, large gas handling capacity, oil-free operation, reliability, and versatility make them suitable for a wide range of industrial processes that require efficient and reliable vacuum generation.

China supplier Three Lobe Vertical Roots Blower Vacuum Pumps   vacuum pump for ac	China supplier Three Lobe Vertical Roots Blower Vacuum Pumps   vacuum pump for ac
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