Competitive Price Automobile Lamp Evaporation Vacuum Coating Equipment

Competitive Price Automobile Lamp Evaporation Vacuum Coating Equipment

Aggressive Value CZPT Lamp Evaporation Vacuum Coating CZPT

[PVD] Physical Vapor Deposition: Vacuum deposition methods which can be utilized to deposit slender films and coatings.
The automotive business as a whole is getting pushed to manufacture vehicles in a much far more expense successful manner. Numerous areas have been created from metals, which are electroplated with chrome. Eco-friendly vacuum metallization makes no VOC’s and is an really clear process, which makes it possible for manufacturers to substitute pricey steel elements with much less pricey, light-weight bodyweight solutions, which are coated with a thin movie of a desired metallic. Slender film vacuum metallization technology is enabling producers to create much more cost effective car parts.

A. Coating CZPT:  Aluminum, Chrome
B. Colour: Silver coloration
C. CZPT with: UV line 
D. Consumables in production: Aluminum / Chromium Wires 


A. Automobile light reflective film
B. CZPT head lamp, rear lamp, change light-weight
C. Auto symbol
D. Car wheel

A. CZPT to movie forming, with higher deposition speed
B. It can make automobile-lamp get the steel outcomes, good appearance and reflection influence.
C. CZPT evaporation coating aluminum and plating protective film process measures by a single time inside of chamber space
D.  By utilizing nanotechnology.
E.  High pumping speed can total a round of plating in about 7 or 8 minutes
F. With no any fuel or liquid squandered
G. Operating stably with good vacuum performance
H. CZPT processing companies
I. Substantial Specifications to control top quality

A. Pumps: 
CZPT pump + roots pump + diffusion pump + holding pump (or optional: cryogenic pump, cryogenic pump system)
B. Constrained Vacuum: 8*10-4 pa (cleanroom, no-loading)
C. Shaft: 6 / 8 /9 shafts
D. Electricity Resources: Resistance heating tungsten wire evaporator energy supply,  high voltage ion bombardment energy offer,  thyristor electrical power source   
E. Managed by Manual, Semi-automatic, Total automatic, PLC


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Competitive Price Automobile Lamp Evaporation Vacuum Coating Equipment