Cx-DPG-Rg-51 Digital Temperature Pressure Gauge

Cx-DPG-Rg-51 Digital Temperature Pressure Gauge

Cx-DPG-Rg-51 Digital Temperature Strain Gauge (CX-DPG-RG-51)

     Stress gauge is ideal for measuring the strain or vacuum of corrosive liquid that will not crystallize and solidify.
     Diaphragm strain gauges are divided into CZPT sort and all stainless metal type, there are variation in content and measuring range between them. Apart from of measuring widespread strain, stainless steel diaphragm seal stress gauge can evaluate the minimal pressure of 1.six~40Kpa and vacuum. CZPT metal diaphragm seal stress gauge with flange connector can be utilized for measuring the force of media, in which granule and deposit exist. So the gauges are broadly utilized for measuring the reduced force of corrosive medium in chemical business.

                      Type              Flange Relationship male screw connector     male screw connector      Accuracy
             CX-PG-TP(Bar)         CX-PG-P(Mpa)         CX-PG-XCP (Mpa)          %
60mm ~six                           ~.10~.160~.twenty five two.5
100mm ~ten                           ~one hundred sixty~250~40_.1~ 2.five
150mm ~16                  2.five

  The Features Of strain gauge

one) Multi-Unit This kind of as the PSI,Mpa.Bar,Kg/cm2
2)Content :All CZPT Steel Materials
three)Liquid Crammed ,It could quake-evidence.
four)Many Link Kind:Thread and Flange,Clamps.

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Cx-DPG-Rg-51 Digital Temperature Pressure Gauge