Different Capacity Vacuum Type Duplex Laundry Soap Extruder Machine

Different Capacity Vacuum Type Duplex Laundry Soap Extruder Machine

CZPTent Ability Vacuum Type Duplex Laundry Soap Extruder CZPT

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Main photographs of soap extruder equipment:

Item description of soap extruder equipment:

★Vacuum plodder is used to grind, refine and push cleaning soap noodles/strips to into cleaning soap bars.
★The above and beneath screws and two orifice plates push and refine the cleaning soap substance and make the cleaning soap bar tight and the surface vibrant.
★The vacuum pump vacuumizes the soap  materials, and the cleaning soap is challenging to crack.
★The underneath screw’s velocity is adjustable to regulate the capacity.
★The vacuum chamber has a vision glass to view the inner.
★The vacuum  meters to examination the vacuum diploma. 
★The heater within the outlet undertake computerized temperture management technique.
★The jackets of the above and below barrels are related to a circulating water resource.
★The motor and the reducer are separated , for long-life span and routine maintenance.
★The parts connecting the the cleaning soap material are manufactured of foods quality stainless steel 304.

Characteristics of cleaning soap extruder machine

★Adopts generate reduction speed separation, considerably far more usefulness maintenance, lengthy provider life.
★The major device adopts Metal weldments, compact framework,good-hunting look, minimal sound and steady creation.

CZPT parameter of cleaning soap extruder machine(one hundred-300kg/h):

Type  Capability(kg/h)   Motor electrical power(Kw) Motor electrical power(kw)
Outer diameter (mm) Outside dimensions
Web excess weight
C180 100-three hundred 2 three.5 160 4000*1000*2450
C219 300-five hundred four five.five two hundred 3700*950*2300mm
c245 five hundred-a thousand seven.5 fifteen 220 4000*one thousand*2450mm
C325 1000-2000 eleven 22 three hundred 4800*1000*2450mm

CZPTent Potential of soap extruder equipment:

a hundred-300kg/h, three hundred-800kg/h, a thousand-2000kg/h and so on .

Thorough images of cleaning soap extruder equipment:

Clients’s bathroom and laundry soap generation plant(For you reference):

Completed toilet and laundry cleaning soap bars:


oneQ: Soap business generation procedure?
A, Fundamentally, the soap manufacturing need to have 2steps:

a, using all types of oil&rapidly as content to generate semi-completed cleaning soap noodle
b, making use of seme-item soap noodle to create stop bar soap.

2, Q:What is the sorts of the soaps?
A: For comfort, we individual the soap into two types, toilet soap for washing hand&having bath, organic cleaning soap, lodge soap, antiseptic soap are incorporated

The CZPT kind is laundry cleaning soap for washing clothing, and so on.

3,Q: What kind of oil is suitable for cleaning soap production?
A: All types of vegetable oil and animal fats are usable, palm oil, cotton seed oil, tallow oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and so on.

4,Q: What is the flooring of the workshop size?
A: For oil line: 35*7m with peak 7m
For cleaning soap noodle line: twenty five*3m with height 4m.

5,Q: What is the method?
A: Raw substance is oil, caustic soda and salt semi-merchandise is soap noodle, perfume and colour.
Accurate formula based on your regional market’s ask for is obtainable soon after confirmation of order.

six,Q: How about the Engineer and strategy assist?
1, We would send engineer overseas for device installation, personnel instruction and generation examination operating, till your own personnel can run the device well and item out competent soaps.
2, For the duration of the life-span of our equipment, we should give constant technique assistance and provider, and we are satisfaction to be on support of you.(24hours on line)

Got a Quotation of soap extruder machine:

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Different Capacity Vacuum Type Duplex Laundry Soap Extruder Machine