Fire Fighting Foam Spray Gun, Fire Nozzle

Fire Fighting Foam Spray Gun, Fire Nozzle

Component one:Item introduction

       Foam gun is a type of transportable generates and spray the air foam hearth-preventing products, in buy to preserve small tank, ground oil and petroleum goods this kind of as oil fireplace and successful resource for the basic material these kinds of as wood hearth.

Portion two:Composition composition

       Air foam gun is made up of nozzle, open manage, handwheel, gun barrel, sealing ring, pipette, gun body, and pipe tooth. The nozzle is utilized to manage stream and produce unfavorable strain. Opening and closing the deal with is the air bubble liquid movement switches and change, the hand wheel is employed to manage circulation to bubble gun, gun barrel to adjust the dynamic equilibrium of air bubbles, straw to absorbing foam liquid, sealing ring can make suction vacuum sealing, straws to suction fluid relationship and joint, air bubble gun gun support, tube tooth interface for hose link.

Element 3:Notes

one. The stress of inlet style of air foam gun is .7mpa.

2. Air foam gun should be outfitted with 6% foam liquid.

three. When the air foam remedy can not be utilised, the pump shall be geared up with air foam mixer, which shall be utilized to carry out the air foam mixture.

4. When spraying, spray the foam to the downwind.


Fire Fighting Foam Spray Gun, Fire Nozzle