Full Auto Plastic Pet Bottles Granules Making Machine Pet Flakes Pelletizer Machine Waste Pet Bottles Granulation Machine Line

Full Auto Plastic Pet Bottles Granules Making Machine Pet Flakes Pelletizer Machine Waste Pet Bottles Granulation Machine Line


Recycled plastic pet granules generating machine/PET pelletizer machine, PET cans and so on. The device with High-torque twin-screw extruding screw device, this  is a new-generation higher-pace, substantial-torque and substantial-energy twin screw extruder noticing technological promotion based on the present item by drawing encounter from the superior production engineering in China.


The positive aspects of this equipment
1. Hugely efficent: the device is automatic and with significantly less electricity usage.
2. Specific screw design: We will design and style the screw up to client various material and the content of screw and barrel can be 38CrMoAL or bimetallic.
three. This machine can carry out best viscosity of PET with no complicated precystallization dryer system. Only a bit IV will be decreased. It can increase IV in the problem of introducing some suitable additive.
five. The equipment wih extended lifestyle.

other kind of these varieties of device









CZPT diameter(mm)






seventy one.2

ninety one

Rotary pace(rpm)


four hundred

four hundred/600


four hundred/500

four hundred/five hundred

four hundred/500

Main motor power(kw)




37/forty five

fifty five/seventy five

90/one hundred ten




28-forty eight

32-forty eight

32-forty eight








20-a hundred and fifty

100-three hundred

three hundred-600

600-a thousand

Structure of the equipment

A lot more specifics machine photoes
Crystallization dryer: dryer the PET flakes in advance
Vulume: 1000L.
Heater power: 36kW
Warmth way: by electric powered
Blower electrical power : 4kW
Mixer electricity: 2.2kW
Mixer shaft: SS304
Material: Inside of stainless steel, outside A3, With heat insulation layer.
With the open door on the hopper, it will be simply function.

One screw feeder  For feeding the flakes into the extruder:
Feed the PET flakes into the extruder, one screw feeder, feeding the content equally and stably.
Horizontal screw parameter:
CZPT diameter:φ60
Materials of hopper: SS304
There is sight glass on the hopper, employee can be see the materials in the hopper

Twin screw extruder equipment
Barrel quantity: ten
Length of barrel #1-10 is 234mm
Overall duration of barrels: ~2340mm
Barrel #one-9 produced of 38CrMoAl material, Hardened to ≥61HRC
The barrel segment are cooled with h2o, each and every barrel adopts single throttle and solenoid valve, and solenoid valve imported from Italy.
Barrel#one open up for feeder, Barrel#four: open barrel, for natural degassing, Barrel#six, Barrel#sixty eight: open barrel, for vacuum degassing. The other individuals is closed.
The processing segment is supplied with stainless metal include as a protection from.
Diameter :62.four mm L/D: 36:1
Centre distance: 52mm
Material of screw: W6Mo5Cr4V2
CZPT speed (counter rotating): 400RPM
A pair of screw shafts, total with screw factors, screw shafts  materials is 40CrNiMo, Hardened to ≥61HRC

The substance arrive out from the die(pull lure like noodles pelletizing way, PET have to use this pelletizing way. And the its want excellent vacuum, like roots pump, then the pellets will be much greater)

CZPT for the screw( water managed by electric powered valves)

CZPT factors of the machine

Vacuum, we can use Roots vacuum or Bipolar pump.

Degassing on the extruder

H2o tank
Materials occur from the die and go into the drinking water tank for cooling, There is rubber roller in the tank, materials strap can be deliver into gale dryer to blower the drinking water on its floor.
Length of tank : 4m,
Content of tank is SS304, Materials of bracket :Q235
It Can be moved up and down, ahead and back again up to the die and material necessary.
Energy of blower on gale dryer:2.2kW

A. Portal formed kind pelletizer,horniness alloy rotary cutter
B. potential:300kg/hr
C. motor power:4KW
D. Cutter diameter: 300mm
E. Blade width: 20mm
F. Traction pace :thirty-90m/min
G. No. of cutter gears: 32
H. Max variety of strains: less than sixty
Closing pellets and Uncooked materials

If you want  more information of this sort of equipment kindly contact me, I can send out you more depth photoes and  vedios.

one. We source underneath needed documents with the machine:

  1. CZPT layout
  2. CZPTtricity diagram
  3. CZPT certification
  4. CZPT guide e-book/routine maintenance e-book

2. We provides 1-yr top quality promise. During this period of time, if the machine’s malfunction is authorized to be our duty, we will ship the damaged spare areas to you with DHL courier or other way within 7 workdays following receiving the complainant. And ship the professionals to the buyer’s factory for preserving. All expenses are in our account.

3. Following a single 12 months guarantee, If you need to have we can provides payable spare elements and technician’s Checking out maintenance, and any broken spares we can deliver you shortly as attainable.

4. We have confidence in that our quotation fulfills with your demands and we will gladly furnish you with even more info.

5. 24Hours service :  Cell-139157 0571 eight

Full Auto Plastic Pet Bottles Granules Making Machine Pet Flakes Pelletizer Machine Waste Pet Bottles Granulation Machine Line