Gas Chromatography Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer

Gas Chromatography   Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer

Item: Gasoline Chromatography / Transformer Oil Dissolved Fuel Analyzer
Product: GC – MS 3100

I. Gas chromatography
one, Capillary break up / splitless injection method
two, Unique capillary
3, Eight-stage procedure heating method
4, GC / MS capillary connections and temperature manage unit
5, Large-monitor Liquid crystal display display
six, CZPT doorway, above-temperature defense gadget
seven, Auxiliary fuel circuit unit of reserved gasoline chromatography detector
II. MS system
1, EI electron bombard ionization supply (CZPT)
2, Quadrupole mass analyzer (one.5-800AMU)
3, Substantial-voltage conversion dynode and electron multiplier ( ~ 3KV)
4,2 L / S rotary vane front-phase vacuum pumps
five,Turbo molecular pump (70L / S, 150 L / S, 240 L / S)
six, Higher and minimal vacuum gauges
7, MS tuning CZPT sample (perfluorinated tributylamine) and the control device

III. Information processing system
Configuration: brand name computer with 17-inch Liquid crystal display check, HP 1008 laser printer, all-English Home windows ninety eight, Home windows XP and Windows 2000 software systems
Car / manual tuning
Fault analysis
Qualitative and quantitative determination
QA report complete library search and details output  
CZPTly identified CZPT spectrum library such as NIST and Wiley can be picked
Oil Analysis Software Package (optional)

IV Gas supply: substantial purity helium (99.999% fuel, bottle, valve)
Routine maintenance resources and spare elements
Shifting spanner                                                
Interior hexagon spanner                                           
Inlet insulator (inlet reduced-loss pad)                                  
Capillary column installation device (with connecting nut and socket)         
Fuel pipeline and nut                                             
CZPTed sealed ring (huge, medium and little for every single)                 
Ion resource cleansing package                                             
Isothermal transmission lines and localization tools of capillary column      
Spare filament (two pieces)                                        
Operation Manual (hardware manuals, computer software manuals for every single)
Note: The CZPT fuel and capillary column can be identified is negotiin a position.

Primarily utilised for qualitative and quantitative analysis of unknown samples Monitoring of damaging substances in the atmosphere
1. Armed forces business: monitoring of anti-chemical warfare, confined space on ships air and
air pollution checking
two. Community security: drug monitoring, explosives detection
3. CZPT: detection of pure substances and impurities, monitoring of chemical procedure
4. Pesticide residues in Meals
five. Food additives, this kind of as: sorbic acid, benzoic acid, etc.
six. Carcinogens in foodstuff
7. Damaging residues in bakery goods
8. Damaging residues in edible oil, wine, water and drinks
9. PVC in packaging components
10. Methanol and vitamin-Ein cosmetics
11. Hazardous residues in paint and dye
twelve. Overall health products

Gas Chromatography   Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer