High Configuration Choosable Transformer Vacuum Drying Equipment

High Configuration Choosable Transformer Vacuum Drying Equipment

Double stage electrical transformer vacuum drying tools

&lparZKCC Collection&rpar
ZKCC sequence vacuum pumping unit is a new sort of vacuuming products created and made by our company&period of time It is extensively employed in the method of making vacuum issue for a variety of equipment&interval Its vacuum stress can reach significantly lower than any other goods in the very same discipline&period

It is commonly employed in the vacuuming method in production&comma installation and routine maintenance of several electrical electrical power gear like electric powered electrical power transformer&comma capacitor and so on&interval And it is also used in the technical procedure of industrial production such as vacuum drying&comma vacuum distillation&comma vacuum wielding&comma vacuum coating and so forth&period of time

It is not appropriate for the vacuum approach for air and gases containing as well a lot powder&comma water and oxygen as well as explosive&comma corrosive&comma toxic and chemical substances&time period

1&period       This device adopts special Roots pump and vacuum pump&comma so the vacuum pumping speed and stress are naturally greater than other products&time period
two&period       Functioning vacuum assortment and greatest vacuum diploma are exceptional to other merchandise&time period
three&period       It is installed with specific vacuum gauge for exact indicator&period of time
four&period       It adopts automatic vacuum relay for automated manage&interval
five&period       Secure and reputable operation&comma low sound&comma and straightforward to go&period of time
CZPT Parameter

CZPT Parameter ZKCC-30 ZKCC-70 ZKCC-one hundred fifty ZKCC-three hundred ZKCC-600 ZKCC-1200
Pumping Velocity &lparL&sols&rpar thirty 70 a hundred and fifty 300 600 1200
Pumping Speed &lparm3&solh&rpar 108 252 540 1080 2160 4320
Supreme partial force &lparPa&rpar 5×10-two 5×10-2 5×10-2 3×10-2 3×10-2 1×10-one
Greatest partial strain &lparTorr&rpar three&period7×10-4 three&period7×10-four 2×10-4 2×10-4 2×10-4 8×10-4
Total CZPTtric Energy &lparkw&rpar one&period65 2&period6 5&period2 9&period5 10&period7 20&period5
Primary Pump Kind ZL-thirty ZL-70 ZL-one hundred fifty ZL-300 ZL-600 ZL-1200
Entrance Stage Pump Kind 2X-eight 2X-15 2X-thirty 2X-70 KT-three hundred KT-five hundred
Wire dimensions of energy input &geq&lparmm2&rpar 1 1&period5 3 four six 8
Energy CZPT 50Hz 380V &lpar3phase&comma 4wire&rpar
Ingestion connection &lparmm&rpar DN50 DN80 DN100 DN160 DN200 DN250
Exhaust connection &lparmm&rpar DN34 DN60 DN70 DN90 DN70 DN90
Total Dimensions &lparcm&rpar 73×46×100 79×55×120 105×60×135 132×78×150 145×86×201 168×100×269

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High Configuration Choosable Transformer Vacuum Drying Equipment