Knapsack Electric Sprayer Resistance to Novel

Knapsack Electric Sprayer Resistance to Novel

CZPT Parameter

Design DMC-5
Type of battery Storage battery
Voltage of battery 12V
CZPTtric existing of battery 8A
Voltage of charger 12V
CZPTtric present of charger 1.0A
Content of tank CZPTpropylene
Spray lance .9m stainless metal
Kind of nozzle One/double nozzle
Quantity of nozzl three
Operating hours 3~4H
Overall dimension of tank 400*210*500MM
Overall Excess weight 5KG
Quantity of tank 20L
Spray flow one.8~three.5L/min
Strategy of starting CZPTtric start off/Adjustable velocity

CZPT Introduction

Knapsack electric powered sprayer is a knapsack sprayer which uses battery as strength source and drives micro DC motor to generate liquid pump. It is a product enhanced on the foundation of knapsack type handbook sprayer. It has easy composition, straightforward procedure and extensive applicability. It increases the effectiveness of the sprayer and reduces the labor depth of the operator.
It is largely composed of motor pump, battery, charger, liquid drugs tank, hose, spray bar, swap, spray head, and so on.

Functioning Princip

In the course of operation, the piston and plug rod are driven to reciprocate up and down in the pump barrel by the operate of the connecting rod system. When the plunger moves up, the cup moves from down to up, and the empty box volume composed of the cup and pump barrel beneath the cup raises continuously, forming a local vacuum. At this time, the liquid drugs in the drugs barrel will open the h2o inlet valve under the motion of the pressure variation between the liquid stage and the cavity, and enter the pump barrel together the water inlet pipe to full the water absorption method. When the plunger goes down, the cup moves the pump from up to down, and the liquid drugs in the pump barrel is squeezed out to make the liquid medication pressure abruptly boost. Underneath the motion of this pressure, the drinking water inlet valve is closed, the h2o outlet valve is pressed open up, and the liquid medicine enters the air chamber via the drinking water outlet valve. The air in the air chamber is compressed, triggering pressure on the liquid. Right after the change is switched on, the liquid is sprayed out by way of the spray rod into the spray nozzle and can be sprayed.


1,Does it appear with battery ?
We have two varieties of this product,manual and electrical.

two,What are the battery models ?
Our product has two types of batteries. One is a lithium battery, which is lighter and can operate for a maximum of 7 hrs, the value is relatively higher and the other is a storage battery, which is heavier and can perform for a greatest of 6 hours.


Knapsack Electric Sprayer Resistance to Novel