Large Freeze Drying Machine Home Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Large Freeze Drying Machine Home Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Large freeze drying device residence vacuum freeze dryer 

CZPT freeze-drying gear, also identified as family-kind freeze dryer, house freeze dryer, is a modest vacuum freeze dryer. Utilize to the family, on the internet store a small amount of freeze-dried use, broadly tailored to fruits, meat, veggies, Chinese natural medicines, health goods, and so forth. freeze-drying.


Lyophilization or freeze drying is a process in which drinking water is taken off from a merchandise right after it is frozen and positioned underneath a vacuum, permitting the ice to alter straight from sound to vapor without having passing by way of a liquid stage. The approach is composed of three different, distinctive, and interdependent processes freezing, major drying (sublimation), and CZPTary drying (desorption).



1.    In-situ pre-freeze drying
two.    Temperature adjustable, controllable manufacturing approach
three.    30 sections can be set, the freeze dryer can modify the software parameters throughout the working procedure, and report the vacuum drying curve and data on the web
four.    Touch display screen, you can established the energy-on password to display the drying curve
5.    The sq. tray is not effortless to be deformed, simple to operate and easy to clear
6.    The drying chamber adopts a large gentle transmissive colorless transparent plexiglass doorway, which can plainly notice the change procedure of the materials for the duration of the operation
7.    Optional configuration of the inflation valve, which can be stuffed with dry inert gasoline


Model LFD-six
CZPT drying location .6m2
Loading potential six-8kg
Condenser temperature ≤-35ºC
Greatest vacuum 10Pa (No load)
Drinking water catching ability 10kg/24h
Tray dimension 330*440mm
No. of tray 5pcs
Voltage 220V 50HZ
Electricity 2300w
Dimension 710*800*1130mm
CZPTtric manage system True time exhibit curve for freeze-drying and temperature.
CZPT temperature management.
Defrost perform 1-button defrosting operate

Common components checklist:

Product LFD-6
Host machine 1set
Tray 5pcs
Vacuum pump 1set
Vacuum pump pipe 1pc
Vacuum clamp 2sets
vacuum grease 1box
English guide 1pc
Certification 1pc

1. How many types do you have?

For laboratory utilised, normal, leading-push, manifolf, manifold top-push and T type are obtainable, complete 5 varieties.
For residence used, we have 1-2kg/batch and four-6kg/batch.

two. How to select the ideal product?

To start with, what is your sample shape, bulk or in vials?
If bulk, pick normal kind. If in vials, select leading-push sort. If sample is different, choose manifold.

Next, explain to us how numerous kilogram of your sample, then we will suggest the suitable product.

3. Does it including vacuum pump?


4. What is your guarantee?



Large Freeze Drying Machine Home Vacuum Freeze Dryer