Mango Slice Dehydrator Mango Dry Heat Pump Mango Dryer Machinery

Mango Slice Dehydrator  Mango Dry  Heat Pump Mango Dryer Machinery

Mango Slice Dehydrator/ Mango Dry/ Warmth Pump Mango Dryer CZPTry

Item Description
Tomato Paste Filling Line is the star solution of ZheJiang Chase. In the earlier 14 years, our manufacturing unit has produced dozens of tomato processing line for above 30 countries, which received a good status. With senior engineers and skilled professionals, ZheJiang chase is self-confident to offer our consumers excellent solution with honest price.

Main Functions:
1. Customization: twenty Ton/D – 1500 Ton/D obtainable.
2. High juice produce: Up to 95%.
three. Low temperature evaporation resulting enhanced high quality of merchandise.
four. Very honest cost as we are manufacuture but not trader.
five. All accessories from world CZPT brand.

Production Flow

CZPT Listing
Getting and Elevating

1. It is a good idea to set up cement swimming pools in the plant, which offers the processing line with a constant flow of uncooked material.
2. Clean and ripe tomatoes can’t be saved for above 24 hrs at temperature of over 30°c.
3. Chain and plate elevators are normally used  for tomatoes elevating, which do minor harm to tomatoes. The elevators are equipped with sprayers, letting the tomatoes be re-washed throughout the processing of elevating.
four. CZPT are outfitted with stainless metal protective defend, which keep the motors from rain and snow in outside.

Washing and Sorting

1. Bubble washing machine/floating washing device washes the tomatoes by floating h2o, which comes from bubble generator quipped at the bottom of the machine. There is no harm introduced by bubble washing while the tomatoes are extensive washed.
two. Waste and sand sink to the base and are discharged by our specific style.
three. Rolling bar design and style & speed adjustable.
four. The equipment is geared up with squander conveying technique, sending the squander directly to tank.

Chopping and Preheating

one. Supper-substantial intensity
2. Crossed blades  design (instead than harmer slice style, which does harm to materials) litter heat producing during chopping perform helps shield natural vitamins in tomatoes.
three. This procedure assists pectin inside tomatoes, which offers all-natural in regularity to the tomato paste.
four. Ii-feed at standard temperature and outlet at 60-90°c. Temperature adjustable.

Refining and Evaporating

1. Rotated velocity can go as 1470r/min, which generates massive centrifugal drive and helps increase the juice yield.
two. Every blade goes by means of dynamic harmony take a look at, with the function of decrease sounds and smoother operation.
three. Forced circulation evaporator: Steady concentration under vacuum and minimal temperature.

Sterilizing and Aseptic Filling

one. Tube-in-tube sterilizer, which is made up of heating, sterilizing and cooking section  is largely compose of tube in tube heating-exchanger and feeding pump.
2. Four layers. Automobile backtrack of no ample sterilized.
three. Mainly composed of aseptic filling head (one/double), procedure method, laptop managing program, fat measurer, operation, platform, and and many others.
four. Package varieties can be various types as consumers request

Mango Slice Dehydrator/ Mango Dry/ Heat Pump Mango Dryer CZPTry

Uncooked materials handling ability(t/d) 60 one hundred fifty 250 five hundred 750 one thousand 1250 1500 2000
Evaporation Kind Double 
3 vacuum A few vacuum Three vacuum A few vacuum Three vacuum A few vacuum A few vacuum
H2o Consumption seven.1 21.six forty four.3 65.7 44.three 65.nine 65.9 seventy nine.08
Electricity(kw) eighty three.eight 151.5 412.four 636.two 955.4 1291.six 1411.1
Steam Use(t/h) 1.665 three.87 5.22 nine.14 fifteen.01 twenty.two 24.sixty two 29.fifteen 34,.98
Compressed Air Consumption(t/h) sixty six.2 sixty six.2 sixty six.two seventy two.2 72.1 72.2 72.2 seventy two.two 86.eighty four
CZPT Water Consumtion(t/h) 125 317 307 585 825 1075 1410 1630 1956

Mango Slice Dehydrator  Mango Dry  Heat Pump Mango Dryer Machinery