Marine High Efficiency 3G Three Screw Pump

Marine High Efficiency 3G Three Screw Pump

1.  Product Show

2. Characteristics
– It is applicable to conveying of media totally free from reliable particles
– Constant conveying, small force pulsation
– Reduced sound, extended provider daily life
– Strong suction ability, auxiliary equipment with no the need to have for vacuumization.
– Compact construction, tiny volume, mild fat.
 -It can be straight driven by motor or other electricity.
– No foam or vortex in the conveying approach.
 -It can be utilized for conveying of higher viscosity and substantial temperature media.
three.  Structure

4.  CZPT parameter

Circulation one-320m3/h
Pressure ≤10Mpa
Speed ≤5000r/min
Viscosity 3~ 7000 mm2/ s
Temperature -20ºC~200ºC

five. Application Region
To transfer a variety of medium with lubricating home or partial lubricating house, but with no solid particles.
Such as lubricant ( oil) ( for instance, lubrication oil, device oil, hydraulic oil, equipment oil, and many others. ), water glycol, lubrication grease, light-weight diesel oil, residual gasoline ( oil) ( such as heavy oil, coal tar, etc. ) and other sticky chemical medium.
Are extensively utilized in the fields of machinery, petroleum & chemical business, metallurgy, iron & steel, electric energy, marine, Centralized lubrication device, Lube circulation system, and so forth
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Marine High Efficiency 3G Three Screw Pump