Marshmallow Root Essential Oil Distiller

Marshmallow Root Essential Oil Distiller

CZPT Parameters:






CZPT Energy Dimension(mm)
Voltage Phase Duration Width Height
EO-ten ten 4.five 380/220 three 1300 550 1800
EO-20 twenty 5.5 380/220 three 1200 seven hundred 1700
EO-30 30 six 380/220 three 1300 800 1700
EO-40 forty 7.three 380/220 3 1400 seven hundred 1800
EO-fifty 50 7.five 380/220 three 1600 850 1800
EO-sixty sixty 8 380/220 3 1600 850 1850
EO-eighty eighty 9 380/220 3 1700 850 1900
EO-a hundred a hundred 12 380/220 3 1700 900 2100
EO-150 150 18 380/220 3 1800 900 2100
EO-200 200 25 380/220 three 1800 1000 2100
EO-three hundred three hundred 38 380/220 3 1900 1000 2100

Observe: Apart from the earlier mentioned product, we also have 500L,1000L,1500L,2000L

3000L and above.

one. This tools is to use steam distillation method was carried out on the substance lie amongst h2o distillation extraction. 

two. The products is my business in accordance to the important oil extraction approach, blended with sophisticated automation management method, designed by subminiature steam distillation extraction equipment. Affordable framework design and style, superior performance. Basic and flexible procedure, 1 can easily finish the experiments and generation.

3. Use oblique heat conduction oil heating tools, in ensuring clear, risk-free, below the problem of standard pressure can get to a hundred °C high temperature swiftly.Under the situation of the process makes it possible for, shut vacuum pump, guidebook steam swiftly by means of the condenser, the risky oil quickly gather in the oil-h2o separator.

four. Vacuum cryogenic distillation, can has a far better restoration of risky substances.

five. Quality oil/h2o separation using laboratory glass pipe design and style, glass pipe diameter at twenty mm, facilitate oil separation and selection.

6. Distillation device created-in type multilayer blue, open up framework, placed bouquets and crops, all cleaning tools is really practical.

Marshmallow Root Essential Oil Distiller