Molecular Distill Equipment for Cbd Oil

Molecular Distill Equipment for Cbd Oil

                              Molecular distill products for CBD oil


Used market Illustrations of the species of refined products
Food Monoglycerides, palm oil, tocopherol, fish oil, rice bran oil, fatty acids and their derivatives, dienoic acid, Vegetable oil, diglycerides, glutamate, product, lactic acid, linseed oil, dimer acid,and many others.
CZPT Acyl chloride, amino acid ester, vitamin E, glucose spinoff, terpene ester, natural or artificial vitamin, beta-carotene, gingerol, capsicum pigment,and so forth.
Chemistry CZPT alcohols, glycerides, herbicides, halogenated alkanes, pesticides, silicone oils, waxes, fatty acids, etc.
CZPT market Epoxy resin, epoxidated oil, isocyanate, plasticizer, stabilizer, polyether and polyether polyol,and so on.
CZPTeum industry Base oil, bright oil, lubricating oil, vaseline, fir oil, residual tar, etc.
CZPT business Lanolin fatty acid, lanol, which includes algae, roots of crops, extract of capsicum, higher body fat ester, turmeric crucial oil, dry ginger important oil,etc.

Attributes of Molecular distillation

one,Evaporation performance is really large, can decrease retention time, with minimal time hold off.
two,Molecular distillation method is composed of substantial borosilicate glass three.three, 316L stainless steel and PTFE, so it has outstanding anti-corrosion potential.
three. The major component of the molecular distillation technique is created of high borosilicate glass three.3, and the total procedure procedure can be nicely observed.
4.The higher precision distillation cylinder human body allows the liquid to type a complete integrated movie on the heating surface area.The inner wall of the barrel entire body is clean and vivid, not simple to adhere to the content and scaling.
five.imported brand variable frequency velocity reduction motor,safe and trustworthy in operationequipped with self-cooling admirer,it can ongoing functioning for a long time.
6.the magnetic drive system can make it feasible to seal the total device.the transfer bar of the push motor does not need to go via the principal distiller.the whole established of the distillation technique possess excellent sealability.The min vacuum stress can attain .001mba.
7.the max temperature of the gear can up to 250ºC/300ºC ,precise temperature manage can attained.
8.maximum the theroretical vacuum diploma can up to .05 mbar or .001mbar.(CZPTary diffusion pump is necessary)
9.You can cost-free decide on of scraper film forming method and self-cleaning roller program.


one. Feeding pot
2. CZPTic coupling drives stirring
3. Jacketed evaporator(with condenser inside)

5. Circulating heater(operate with jacketed evaporator)
6. Heating and cooling circulator (function with interior condenser) 
7. Controlling technique(present vacuum diploma, management and
display 2.rotary pace)
8. Distillate Acquiring bottle(low boiling point)
nine. Residue Acquiring bottle(high boiling stage)
10. Rotary vane vacuum pump
11. Diffusion pump

What is Short Molecular Distillation?
Brief Molecular Distillation is a unique liquid-liquid separation technologies, which is distinct from the classic distillation by boiling position variation separation basic principle, but by various substances molecular movement of the average free path distinction to achieve separation.

Advantages of the Quick Molecular Distillation
Molecular distillation is regarded as the safest method of separation and to purify the thermally unstable molecules and related compounds with lower volatility and elevated boiling stage. The process distinguishes the limited home time in the zone of the molecular evaporator uncovered to heat and reduced running temperature owing to vacuum in the area of distillation.


Model Evaporate spot M2) Condenser area (M2) Physique diameter (mm) Hopper (L) Circulation (KG/H) Power (W) Velocity (RPM)
FMD-60(A) .05 .1 sixty one.5 .1∽2. a hundred and twenty 450
FMD-80(A) .one .15 80 one.five .3∽4. one hundred twenty 450
FMD-100(A) .fifteen .2 100 1.5 .5∽5. a hundred and twenty 450
FMD-150(A) .twenty five .4 one hundred fifty one.five one.0∽8. one hundred twenty 450
FMD-200(A) .35 .five one hundred ninety one.5 one.5∽10. two hundred 300
FMD-230(A) .5 .sixty five 220 1.5 2.0∽15. 200 three hundred


Molecular Distill Equipment for Cbd Oil