Multi Lanes 5g Packaging 6 Lines Honey Stick Packing Machine

Multi Lanes 5g Packaging 6 Lines Honey Stick Packing Machine


This device is relevant for dosing liquid or semi-liquid and sealing in sort of 4 side sealed sachet, incorporate the sachet forming, merchandise dosing, filling and sachet sealing processes, with single cutting or string sachet reducing. the element application description as subsequent table:

Problem Application Description
Relevant CZPT Style 4 sides sealing
Relevant CZPT Configure with pump, able to pack liquid products
Applicable CZPT
Laminate Warmth sealable packing components these kinds of as OPP/PE, BOPP/VMPET/PE, PET/AL/PE etc.

Normal programs:


The doing work procedures include: The machine pull laminate packaging movie to the movie splitting devices, and the film split into specific lanes, then go through the sealing mold to seal longitudinal side and first horizontal aspect, in the meanwhile, the dosing system dose the solution into the sachet through the open up aspect, then will do the very last side sealing and cutting off. Upon the different solution

Normal Attributes

  • Multi-lane servo auger filler for powder dosing
  • PLC & HMI Contact Monitor Management
  • CZPT PID temperature controller
  • 3 heating area design with temperature balance adjustment method
  • Servo motorized sub-processes
  • CZPT sachet length adjustment
  • CZPT edge trimming and gathering
  • Embossing type coder integrated
  • Out-feed conveyor
  • Powered film unwinding with film stress handle
  • CZPT movie centering management
  • CZPT steel 316 design for item touching areas and 304 for other major parts

Optional Functions

  • Multi-lane servo piston pump filler for viscous liquid
  • Centrifugal pump with solenoid valve for normal liquid
  • Peristaltic pump for corrosive liquid or micro dosage
  • Straight or zigzag reduce
  • Tear notch
  • Inkjet, or thermal transfer printer
  • String sachet reduce
  • Empty sachet detection and rejection
  • Double jackets hopper
  • Dual merchandise dosing
  • Static elimination
  • In-feed program
  • Sideload automated cartoning answers


Catalogue/3Z-xxx-E five hundred 900 1200
Sachet Size-Length(mm) fifty-300 50-three hundred 50-300
Sachet Size-Width(mm) 32-one hundred and five 32-one zero five 32-one hundred and five
Lanes Customize Personalize Customize
CZPT Width(mm) five hundred 900 1200
Packing Speed(CPM) thirty-sixty thirty-60 30-60
Power Requirement AC380 3P/50HZ  AC380 3P/50HZ AC380 3P/50HZ
Electrical power Usage(kW) ten 12 15
Max Outer Diameter of CZPT Roll (mm) three hundred three hundred three hundred
Interior Diameter of CZPT Roll (mm) 75 75 seventy five



Multi Lanes 5g Packaging 6 Lines Honey Stick Packing Machine