Plg Series Continuous Plate Drier for Chemical Powder Granules

Plg Series Continuous Plate Drier for Chemical Powder   Granules


PLG Series Steady Plate Drier for CZPT Powder / Granules is a kind of large efficiency conducting and continuous drying gear. Its exclusive composition and working principle give rewards of high heat effectiveness , reduced power usage, considerably less occupying location, basic configuration, easy operation and management as nicely as great running environment and so on. It is commonly used in drying method in the flelds of chemical, prescription drugs, agricultural substances, foodstuff, fodder,approach of agricultural and by-goods and many others., and is well received by a variety of industries. Now there are 3 massive groups, typical stress, c losed and vacuum types and four s pecifications of 1200, 1500, 2200 and 2500 With a drying region of four to a hundred and eighty square meters, now we have many designs of collection items and numerous sorts of auxiliary units obtainable to meet up with requirements of different goods.

Doing work Basic principle

Soaked resources are fed continually to the top drying layer in the dryer . They will be turned and stirred continuously by harrows when the harrows arm rotates, the content flows by means of the floor of the drying plate alongside the exponential helical line. On the small drying plate the material will be moved to its exterior edge and fall down to the exterior edge of the large drying plate underneath layer, and will then be moved inward and fall down from its central gap to the tiny drying plate on the subsequent layer . Each small and big drying plates are arranged a lternately so a s components can go via the complete dryer continually. The heating media, which could be saturated steam, very hot drinking water or thermal oil will be led into hollow drying plates from one particular end to other stop of the dryer. The dried solution will drop from the previous layer of the drying plate to the bottom layer of the scent human body, and will be moved by harrows to the discharge port. The humidity exhausts from materials and will be taken off from the moist discharge port on the top cover, and sucked out by the vacuum pump(Optional) or exhaust supporter on the best cover for vacuum-kind plate dryer. The dried solution discharged from the base layer can be packed immediately. The drying capacity can be raised up if outfitted with supplementary gadgets such as finned heater, condenser for solvent recovery(Optional) , bag dust filter, return and combine mechanism for dried resources and suction fan and so forth. solvent in people paste state and heat delicate materials can be easily recovered, and thermal decomposition and response can be also carried out.

PLG constant plate dryer is proper for drying, cooling, in the chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, foods and agricultural industries. This drying equipment is mainly utilized in the subsequent fields:
one. Organic chemical products: resin, melamine, aniline, stearate, calcium formate and other organic and natural chemical material and intermediate
2. Inorganic chemical merchandise: calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, white carbon black, sodium chloride, cryolite, numerous sulfate and hydroxide
three. Medicine and foodstuff: cephalosporin, vitamin, medicinal salt, aluminium hydroxide, tea, ginkgo leaf and starch
4. Fodder and fertilizer: organic potash fertilizer, protein feed, grain, seed, herbicide and cellulose

CZPT parameters

Sort Diameter (mm) High (mm) Area of dry (m2) Power (Kw)
1200/4 1850 2608 three.three
1200/six 3571 4.nine
1200/8 3448 six.six 1.5
1200/10 3868 eight.two
1200/twelve 4288 9.nine
1500/6 2100 3571 8 2.two
1500/eight 3442 ten.7
1500/10 3862 thirteen.four
1500/twelve 4282 16.1 three.
1500/14 4702 18.eight
1500/sixteen 5122 21.5
2200/6 2900 3262 18.5 3.
2200/8 3682 24.six
2200/ten 4102 thirty.8
2200/12 4522 36.9 4.
2200/14 4942
2200/16 5362 49.3 five.5


Sort Diameter (mm) High (mm) Area of dry (m2) Power (Kw)
2200/18 2900 5782 fifty five.4 five.five
2200/twenty 6202 sixty one.6
2200/22 7042 67.7 seven.5
2200/24 7462 73.9
2200/26 6622 eighty.
3000/8 3800 4050 48 11
3000/10 4650 60
3000/12 5250 72
3000/14 5850 eighty four
3000/16 6450 96
3000/18 7050 108 13
3000/twenty 7650 a hundred and twenty
3000/22 8250 132
3000/24 8850 one hundred forty four
3000/26 9450 156 15
3000/28 10050 168
3000/30 10650 180


Plg Series Continuous Plate Drier for Chemical Powder   Granules