River Sand Dredging Pumping Machine Gravel Pump

River Sand Dredging Pumping Machine Gravel Pump

River sand dredging pumping machine gravel pump



AMG/AMGH sand gravel pumps, CZPT of this pump is of one casing linked by means of clamp bands and vast wet passage. The moist parts are manufactured of Ni hard and higher chromium abrasion resistance alloys.

The discharge route of pump can be oriented in any path of 360 degrees.

This variety of pump possesses the rewards of simple installation and operation, good overall performance of NPSH and abrasion resistance

CZPT kinds includes V-belts pushed, versatile coupling pushed, gear box pushed, hydraulic coupler driven, variable frequency pushed, thyristor velocity control and many others.

AMG/AMGH gravel pump are developed for constantly handling the most hard greater abrasive slurries which contain also massive solids to be pumped by a widespread pump. They are suitable for providing slurries

in mining, explosive sludge in steel melting, grudging in dredger and course of river, and other fields. Sort AMGH pumps are of substantial head kinds


CZPT varieties
V-belts driven, adaptable coupling driven, gear box pushed, hydraulic coupler pushed, variable frequency pushed, thyristor speed management and so on.


AMG/AMGH sand pump is designed for repeatedly handling the most hard larger abrasive slurries which incorporate way too huge solids to be pumped by a frequent pump. They are suitable for delivering slurry

in mining, explosive sludge in metallic melting, grudging in dredger and training course of river, and other fields. Variety AMGH pumps are of substantial head kinds

Structural Features 

     – Solitary phase, single suction, horizontal centrifugal sand pump

     – Wet elements such as casing, impeller, liner plate in anti-abrasion high chrome solid iron alloy.

     – Horizontal-central-break up container bracket effortless for maintaining 

     – Packing or mechanical seal

     – Protective shell bordering the casing ideal for large responsibility

     – CZPT optimization layout, higher-successful, energy-preserving and stable operation


Weighty obligation CZPT Process     Coal Preparation Plant

Cyclone Feeds                        CZPT Processing

Tailings                                    Mill Grinding

Slurry Feeding Technique            Heavy Refuse Elimination

Pulp And Paper                       Dredging

CZPT Slurry                        High Density Slurries

Ash Handling                           CZPT Processing


CZPT of River Dredge Sand Pump

RFQ about Abrasion Resisting River Dredge Sand Pump

Guidelines for sand pump installation

 Please get observe as underneath when install the sand pump:

1. The preformed gap on the foundation must be poured as the pump set up drawing.

two. The set up level ought to fulfill the need of the permitted vacuum suction top. The basis should be in horizontal and secure situation, to make confident the rotation of the driver equipment identical with the pump in the path.

three. When hook up by coupling, have to make certain the pump and driver shaft center  should be in a straight line.

four. If belt connection, the shaft heart ought to be in parallel.

five. The sand pump suction pipe need to be sealed effectively, and try to significantly less the quantity of the elbow and check out valve. When fill water, fatigued the air. It should be no any air when operate. We need to have to hold the suction pipe slopes up a bit, and then connect with the pump inlet

Photo of Abrasion Resisting River Dredge Sand Pump

CZPT and delivery


Q1. Are you a manufacturer?
Sure, we have been in centrifugal pumps manufacturing and marketing industry over 32 years.
Q2. What markets do your pumps export to?
CZPTe, North & South CZPTica, South-CZPT Asia, Africa, CZPTica, Middle CZPT countries. Our overseas agent in Italy, Russia, CZPTica and Africa are gradually improving.
Q3. What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
Please let us know the pump capacity, head, medium, operation situation, quantity, etc. As much as your provide, the precision and accurate model selection.
This autumn. Is it available to print our personal brand on the pump?
Totally acceptable as international rules.
Q5. How can I get the price of your pump?
You can connect with us through any of the following contact information. Our personalized service person will respond you within 24 hours.


River Sand Dredging Pumping Machine Gravel Pump