Self-Lubricating Carbon Graphite Bearings and Bushings for Food-Handing Pumps

Self-Lubricating Carbon Graphite Bearings and Bushings for Food-Handing Pumps

self-lubricating carbon graphite bearings and bushings  for foodstuff-handing pumps


A: business profile
Our facility is the most significant producer of graphite molds in North of China, which has in excess of 15 years of encounters on graphite mildew design and generating. With the reliable manufacturing facility technological help and good right after-sales provider, our graphite molds have coated all china market. Now, combined with export ordeals of L.T TRADE, Our products will be a lot more total and go additional. Our key items now are: graphite plate, graphite crucible, graphite ring, graphite wire observed, graphite sizzling reducing items, graphite sintering diamond segment etc. And quite welcome you offer drawings and designs, we can supply OEM and ODM.

B: Why pick us
CZPT mould plays a dual position in the process of manufacture: Heating component and Supporting mold. The high quality of graphite mildew is quite crucial, will directly influence the subsequent diamond tools’ accuracy and look. So, which variety of graphite mildew is ideal for sintering diamond instruments:

  1. Great functionality on conductivity and high price resistivity
  2. Ample CZPT CZPT
  3. Excellent performance on Oxidation resistance
  4. CZPT

Why select us:
Raw components is quite important, We only use CZPTfine particle construction, Large purity and High graphitization raw graphite materials.
Our completed graphite mold is:

  1. dense composition and low porosity
  2. Fined surface area and reduced fee heat-deformation
  3. Large mechanical toughness and machining accuracy
  4. Oxidation resistance and durable


C: Product features
1. The processing components are ultrafine granule structure, large purity and graphite with substantial graphitization degree.
two. Higher hardness, great anti-oxidation overall performance and high machining accuracy
three. Excellent conductivity, high resistivity, adequate mechanical power
four. Small porosity and dense framework.
five. Exceptional thermal shock resistance, conductive and thermal conductivity.
six. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good wear resistance.
seven. Surface area can be taken care of with anti-oxidation.

D: Processing technique
one. Buyer provide design drawings.
two. Our specialized team will check, analyze the drawings, and divide the drawing to affordable elements if needed, and prepare proper graphite blocks . Our mechanics will style and customize grinding wheel.
3. Our employees will grinding and sharpening graphite block according to the instructions of mechanics. This method might require running number of occasions if necessary. We will strictly maintain deviation in ±0.03-.08mm.
4. Then our packing team will assembling diverse components into a total graphite mildew. During the assembling interval, unqualified goods will be picked out.

E: Attribute desk

Density  g/cm³ one.75-1.nine
Resistivity  μΩ·m ≤18
Compressive strength  Mpa 40-eighty
Porosity  % ≤26
Elasticity Modulus  Gpa six-eighteen
Thermal enlargement coefficient  10-six/ºC one.forty seven-four.twenty five
Ash material  % ≤0.5
Temperature resistance  ºC 4350


Self-Lubricating Carbon Graphite Bearings and Bushings for Food-Handing Pumps