Semi-Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine for Bean Paste

Semi-Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine for Bean Paste

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Semi-automatic Glass bottle/Jar Vaccum capping CZPT(BZX-sixty five)  
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 BZX-sixty five Semi-automated Vaccum capping CZPT
Three (4) screw cap glass bottle semi-automatic vacuum
capping device is our organization for a lot of many years manufacturing
experience of self – developed, is the domestic CZPT, it
adopts the vacuum pump vacuum way, can get extremely substantial
vacuum diploma, capping torque and vacuum degree can be established
as necessary. The distinctive design can make it suitable with a variety of diverse styles and dimensions of the bottle cap,
compatibility, and practical adjustment. The major pneumatic
and electrical factors utilizing the intercontinental effectively-known
manufacturers to guarantee secure and dependable efficiency.
2 major needs: three (four) semi automatic vacuum glass
bottle capping equipment for a wide variety of industries, these kinds of as
foodstuff sector: soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, sesame sauce,
chili sauce, peanut sauce, canned peach, canned carambola
and so on this equipment has a vacuum evacuating perform, the
sealing include supination products it can, under standard
situations the shelf life extension, not vulnerable to items and
outside air oxidation and deterioration
three.overall performance traits: adopts the vacuum pump vacuum way, can get very large vacuum
two.capping torque and vacuum diploma can be established in accordance to demand from customers
3.the unique style makes it suitable with a variety of distinct shapes and sizes of the bottle cap, compatibility, and practical adjustment
4. primary pneumatic and electrical components making use of the international effectively-recognized brand name, to make certain secure and trustworthy functionality.
The special design and style of five, 4 station, the operating performance is improved tremendously

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Model  BZX-65
Electricity 220V 50Hz
Electricity 1.3KW
Capping  speed 900-1200bottles/hour
Cap prepare Dia 30-80mm 80-150mm
CZPT  height 50-180mm a hundred and twenty-250mm
Air offer .4-.8Mpa
Air use .3m3/min
CZPTs assortment Dia thirty-80mm 80-150mm
Vacuum -,08Mpa
Common export package deal size  870*900*1450mm
CZPT Fat 120KG

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Semi-Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine for Bean Paste