Sewage Pump with Not Easy Wear and Not Clogging Pipes

Sewage Pump with Not Easy Wear and Not Clogging Pipes

Item identify: Sewage Pump of Qw not easy to use and clogging pipes

Scope of software:

Sewage pumps are extensively utilised in a variety of fields, sewage pump can transport with challenging solids, fibers and liquid, particularly filthy, sticky and slippery liquid, the sewage pump is widely Utilised in mines, papermaking, printing and dyeing, environmental security, oil refining, petroleum, chemical sector, farm, dyeing, wine, meals, chemical fertilizer, coking plant, building, marble manufacturing facility, mud, sand, mud, dust Tang, the dirty liquid feed suction sewage remedy of thick liquid, charging and suspended make a difference in.
1, enterprises discharge squander h2o.
two, city sewage treatment plant discharge system.
3, the subway, underground civil air protection technique, drainage pumping station.
4, clinic, resort, building sewage discharge.
five, household sewage pumping station.
six, municipal engineering, building websites in the dilute slurry discharge.
seven water plant, drinking water source device.
8, wastewater emissions and rural farmland irrigation.
nine, exploration and mining equipment for h2o remedy.
10, rather of the shoulder arm, sucking mud.
CZPT characteristics
1, employing a distinctive single or double blade impeller structure, greatly improving the via capacity of sewage, can properly by way of the fibre content five instances of pump diameter and reliable particles fifty% of
Pump diameter.
2, the mechanical seal of tungsten carbide materials decay utilizing a new type of rigid, and double seal to improve sealing, the prolonged operate in the oil chamber, can pump the protection a lot more than 8000 several hours of
Constant operation.
3, compact construction, tiny volume, low noise, energy conserving, practical servicing, no need of pump space, dive into the drinking water to perform, greatly lowering the project cost.
4, the oil chamber is supplied with a Water Leakage interference detection sensors of higher precision seals the pump, and the stator winding embedded inside of the thermal factors, the complete defense of
The pump motor.
5, in accordance to the user need to have to be outfitted with computerized basic safety security control cabinet, the pump Water Leakage, leakage, overload and in excess of temperature and so on absolute security, enhanced solution
Protection and dependability.
6, float switches can be changed in accordance to the essential degree, computerized commence and cease the pump, with out special treatment, is very simple to use.
7, can be equipped with double rail automatic coupling installation method, which delivers wonderful comfort to the set up, fix, but this could not enter the sewage pit.
8, can be employed in the scope of the whole head, while the motor is not overloaded.
9, there are two sorts of set up, set computerized coupling set up program, cellular totally free installation method
Product overview:

one. Sewage pump of QW SeriesSubmersible sewage pump is non clogging sewage pump imported high efficiency and power saving, the organization of the unit technological innovation produced from, the efficiency indicators have arrived at or exceeded the stage of equivalent items at house and abroad.
2. As distinctive solitary channel impeller, seal with challenging alloy mechanical seal system two sets of special materials, individual motor oil chamber, with no blockage, resilient, profile accuracy, convenient restore and use, large efficiency, vitality saving, is China’s pump substitution of new merchandise, welcomed by users.
3. The pump has a selection of models and different structural types are obtainable.

fault phenomenon failure cause elimination methods
  one.No power offer or a single or two phase energy source is necessary Check out all phases of electrical power supply and restore electricity supply


  two.Very poor make contact with of ac contactor and burning of coil Restore or replace contactors


can not start three.
The energy change is not closed, malfunction or broken


Shut the swap and change it if the electrical power indicator does not flip on
Thermal relay trip or harm


Verify whether the motor is blocked, locate out the explanation and get rid of it.Guide reset is changed if it are not able to be started out
  H2o level is also low Place h2o in the sink


  The motor burned Fix or replace the motor


  one.Line is loose Verify wiring and tighten connectors


  two.Frequency converter malfunction Examine the fault articles, verify the trigger in accordance to the frequency converter manual, and restart soon after reset.Or disconnect the inverter power source for a number of CZPTs, the inverter fault reset ahead of starting up.
The guide is normal 3The frequency converter is damaged Fix or change
CZPT transmission failure 4.Pressure swap injury Repair or replace
  5The force transmitter is destroyed Repair or replace
  six.Swap failure Mend or exchange
Pump non – suction pressure gauge pointer to defeat violently Insufficient h2o supply for perfusion, air leakage at the link in between pipeline and instrument Check out pipeline and base valve, refill drinking water diversion. Tighten air leakage
The pump consumes also much energy


Way too much movement, impeller wear


Examine whether or not the pump shaft is bent, substitute the impeller, near the outlet valve to decrease the movement


Sewage Pump with Not Easy Wear and Not Clogging Pipes