Single-Casing Radially Split Multistage Between Bearings Pumps, API 610 Standard.

Single-Casing Radially Split Multistage Between Bearings Pumps, API 610 Standard.

Pump Identify: BB4 Feed H2o Pump

BB4 is a centrifugal pump of horizontal, one suction, multistage and sectional construction. It owns the features of large efficiency, vast overall performance assortment, smooth procedure, minimal noise, easy routine maintenance…Was made to pump thoroughly clean water or fluids have close people of h2o. Also, by changing pump wetted elements, it is
Ready to pump fluids like sizzling drinking water, oil, corrosive fluids and fluids particles. 


  1. Flow fee: Q=20~540m3/h
  2. Overall head: H=16~370m
  3. Pace: N=1450rpm/2950rpm
  4. S. G.: Γ ≤1.fifteen
  5. Medium Temperature: T≤210ºC
  6. Pump diameter: eighty, a hundred, one hundred twenty five, one hundred fifty, 200, 250mm


BB4 Feed Drinking water Pump is multi-stage sectional centrifugal pump for medium strain boiler h2o offer, also can be employed for conveying equivalent liquid medium 


  1. The pump set primarily consists of bearing housing, inlet and out area, center area, guidebook vanes. 
  2. The pump inlet is horizontal and outlet is vertical The harmony hose on the inlet is connected again to the water inlet facet. 
  3. Amongst bearings framework. The rotary portion is composed of shaft, impellers and a balance disk. 
  4. The gaps between pump inlet part, center part and outlet area are smeared by molybdenum disulfide compound calcium-primarily based lubricating grease as the sealings. The gaps of rotary element and static component are sealed seal rings, guidebook vane sleeve and packing. 
  5. Regular shaft sealing is packing, CZPT as mechanical seal. 

Primary elements: 
1. Suction phase 2. Diffuser three. Center phase four. Discharge phase 5. First stage impeller 6. Impeller seven. Balancing Disc
8. Harmony plate nine. Protect 10. Packing eleven. Stability sleeve 12. Packing gland thirteen. Oring 14. Bearing
fifteen. Very first phase sealing ring sixteen. Seal ring seventeen. Diffuser sleeve eighteen. Shaft 19. Shaft sleeve

Mech Seal: 
Packing seal or CZPT seal, if need cooling water. Seal strategy: P11, P23, P32, P11+61, P11+53A, P11+53B. 
Mech seal manufacturing unit is colossus. If require burgman, pls factors out in inquiry electronic mail…

Oil station: 
If pump parameter is as well big, we need to have use oil station, pls send out UR pump technological sheet for UR checked. 

Bearing and balancing device: 

SKF bearing. Pump rotor pump shaft at equally ends of the Rolling bearing assistance, dilute oil lubrication, water cooling. The axial thrust of the rotor is balanced
By the stability disc, and the equilibrium return water is returned to the suction segment of the pump. 


Feed H2o Pump through the elastic coupling (or diaphragm coupling) and generate (motor, turbine, diesel motor and many others. ) connected, Clockwise rotation from
The travel conclude to the pump. 

We will choose material according to UR pump medium…

If buyer dont have specific want, we use China model motor…If want ABB. Simens, Weg Or other folks model, pls send us by e-mail…

A lot more CZPT photograph: 

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Single-Casing Radially Split Multistage Between Bearings Pumps, API 610 Standard.