Single Mono Screw Pump for High Viscosity Fluid Transfer

Single Mono Screw Pump for High Viscosity Fluid Transfer

Tag:One Mono CZPT Pump for High Viscosity fluid transfer

One screw pump is utilised in all fieldswidely to feed sorts of medium,working at a constant pressure constantly without having pulse and harm when feeding medium and adjust the gauging goal through changing rotation velocity.
1.CZPT stainless metal food grade 304 or 316,
the density of 7.93g/cm³,temperature up to 800degrees
two.Mounted rotor the stator adopts butadiene rubber wear resistance rotor utilizing 304 stainless metal do not rust
3.Motor with antirust coating physique with H2o-Made up of Plate construction increase the motor basic safety A few-section motor generate the grinding head rotary
four.Equipment box high quality anti rust coating, obtain superb protecting influence. 
CZPT Parameters

Product Caliber Velocity(rpm) Circulation(m³/h) Electricity(kw)
G10-1 twenty 1400 .5 .37
G15-1 25 960 1 .55
G20-1 32 960 one.5 .75
G25-1 32 960 2
G30-one 40 960 3 one.5
G35-1 fifty 960 5 2.2
G40-1 fifty 960 seven three
G40-1 fifty 720 five.5 2.two
G45-1 50 960 nine 4
G45-1 fifty 720 7 3
G50-one 65 960 13 five.five
G50-1 65 720 10 4
G55-1 sixty five 960 18 7.five
G55-one sixty five 720 thirteen 5.5
G65-1 eighty 720 thirty eleven
G86-one a hundred 720 60 15

Feeding Medium
one. Higher sound articles(diameter of the biggest particle is 50mm)or no solid material
two. Medium with all viscosities(1mPas~3, 000, 000mPas)
three. Medium that is effortless to be created and swelled
four. Shearing sensitive medium
five. Medium with/with out self lubrication
six. Erosive medium(pH=~fourteen)
7. Adhesive medium
8. Toxicity hazard medium
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Single Mono Screw Pump for High Viscosity Fluid Transfer