SS304 Venturi Tube for Water Treatment

SS304 Venturi Tube for Water Treatment

The stainless steel submersible jet aerator is an aeration products for water pretreatment and sewage biological treatment. It also can be used to incorporate oxygen for aquaculture and sustain the landscape drinking water. And also can be utilized to eliminate Fe,Mn for tap drinking water therapy and offer h2o to tap h2o of high developing.


Operating Principle
Below high pressure which made by the higher speed rotation of the pump impeller, the liquid ejects from nozzle of the aerator at a high speed. When the large velocity liquid passes by way of the mixing chamber, the vacuum is shaped in the mixing chamber, and a large volume of air is inhaled by the ingestion pipe. Right after the air enters the mixing chamber, the liquid is substantially combined with the liquid at the throat, and the air is reduce into fine bubbles by water. The gasoline-liquid combination is formed and discharged by the diffusion tube. The air rises with small bubbles in the drinking water and dissolves oxygen into the h2o.

Design No.
The jet aerator CZPT as the usage.It can be welded with 1 flange,two flange and a few flange.And the model no. are as follows.

Model Air Inlet
Diving Depth
Oxygen Capability
Matched pipe Pump Electricity
Pump Movement price
Pump Raise
Air inlet
SLB-D-05 10 one-three .38 DN50 .seventy five ten 10-twelve Φ40
SLB-D-fifteen 25 one-5 .85 DN50 1.5 fifteen thirteen-16 Φ50
SLB-D-twenty forty 2-six 1.5 DN50 2.2 twenty five 13-16 Φ50
SLB-D-thirty 55 2-six two.sixty five DN50/sixty five 3. 37 thirteen-16 Φ63
SLB-D-forty seventy five two-6 3.4 DN50/65/eighty 4. forty thirteen-16 Φ75
SLB-D-fifty five ninety 2-7 5.2 DN80/a hundred 5.five fifty 13-16 Φ75
SLB-D-75 120 2-seven seven.five DN80/one hundred seven.five 80 thirteen-16 Φ75


one.Domestic Sewage,CZPT Squander Water Therapy,the jet aerator will aerate for the activated sludge remedy strategy

2.Landscape drinking water maintenance.It will be blend oxygen and h2o to avert settling down

three.CZPT oxygen for aquaculture



Set up
The set up strategy is dependent on the pump sort,flange amount,jet aerator quantity and customer’s ask for.
Remember to see the under ones just for reference.


Package deal&Transportation
Employing the polywood carton and paper wraaped.
Transported by air,ocean and others.

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SS304 Venturi Tube for Water Treatment