Stainless Steel High Viscosity Hygienic Grade Rotor Pump

Stainless Steel High Viscosity Hygienic Grade Rotor Pump

CZPT Identify&colonCZPT Steel High Viscosity Hygienic Grade Rotor Pump

Foods CZPT&colonYogurt&commaFresh Butter&commaIce Cream&commaCheese&commaWhey&commaBeer&commaWort&commaYeast&commaSoft Consume&commaFruit Jelly&comma Fruit Drink&commaKetchup&commaFruit Puree&commaVegetable Mash&commaPudding&commaFruit Jam&commaJelly&comma Flavor&commaFruit Stuffing&commaSweet&comma Yeast&commaSeasoning&commaBread&commaMeat Gruel&commaComminuted Meat&commaMeat Oil&commaEdible Oil&commaCandy&commaSyrup&commaThin Product Dressing&commaChocolate&commaEtc&time period
CZPT CZPTs&colonCleansing Facial Milk&commaHair Gel&commaHair Dyes&commaEssence Oil&commaToothpaste&commaDetergent&comma Shampoo&commaShoe Polish&commaCZPTs&commaPerf-umery Compound&commaSoap&commaBalsam&commaEtc&period of time
Pharmacy&colonVarious Pill&commaPaste&commaEmulsifier&commaSyrup&commaNutrition Liquid&commaChinese Traditional Patent Medicine&comma Medication Grease&commaBiological CZPT&commaFish Food&commaPollen&commaCZPT Jelly&commaVaccine&period
CZPT CZPT&colon Fat&commaDissolvent&commaResin&commaCZPTmer&commaPaint&commaPigment&commaDyes&commaCoating Content&commaCZPT&comma Lubricating Grease&commaOil Agent&commaEmulsified Asphalt&commaAdhesive&commaCZPT&commaExplosives&commaGlass Fiber Bolstered CZPTs&commaCZPT&commaEtc&interval
CZPT CZPT&colonVarious Coating&commaIncluding Indoor&soloutdorr Wall Coating&commaCorrosi on And Drinking water Evidence Coating&commaCeramic Coating&commaPaint Coating&commaCeramic Glazing&commaEtc&period of time
Other CZPT&colon CZPT CZPT&commaTextile CZPT&commaPapermaking CZPT&commaCoal Floatation Agent&comma Nanometer Substance&commaBiochemical CZPT

Procedure Theory&colon
Rotor pump is also named rotary lobe epump&commathree-lobe pump&commasole pump&commaetc&periodWhen the two simultaneous reverse rotating rotors&lparwith two-four gears&rparrevolve&commait creates suction pressure at the inlet&lparvacuum&rpar&commawhich intakes the substance shipped&periodThe two rotors divide the rotor housing into many more compact components and revo-Ive in the sequence of a&rightarrowb&rightarrowc&rightarrowd&periodWhen it revolves to placement a&commaonly housing I is stuffed with medium&semiwhen it revolves to situation b&commahousing B encloses part of the medium&commawhen it goes to placement c&commahousing A encloses medium&commaand ultimately it goes to situation d&commathen housing A&commaB and II are interlinked and the medium is transported to the outlet&periodAs this procedure is repeated&commamedium&lparmaterial&rparis transpor-ted continuously&period

Primary Parameter

Product Stream for each 100 Rotation&lparL&rpar Recommendation Rotation Pace&lparRMP&rpar Potential&lparL&solH&rpar Energy&lparKW&rpar
ZB3A-3 3 200-five hundred 300-800 &period55
ZB3A-six 6 two hundred-500 650-1600 &period75
ZB3A-8 8 200-500 850-2160 one&period5
ZB3A-twelve 12 two hundred-500 1300-3200 2&period2
ZB3A-twenty twenty 200-500 2100-5400 three&period0
ZB3A-30 thirty 200-400 3200-6400 four
ZB3A-36 36 200-four hundred 3800-7600 4
ZB3A-fifty two fifty two 200-400 5600-11000 five&period5
ZB3A-sixty six 66 two hundred-four hundred 7100-14000 7&period5
ZB3A-seventy eight seventy eight two hundred-400 9000-18000 seven&period5
ZB3A-100 a hundred two hundred-400 ten thousand-22000 eleven
ZB3A-one hundred thirty five one hundred thirty five 200-400 15000-30000 15
ZB3A-one hundred sixty a hundred and sixty 200-400 17000-34000 eighteen&period5
ZB3A-two hundred 200 200-four hundred 21600-43000 22

True Images&CZPT for CZPT Metal High Viscosity Hygienic Quality Rotor Pump
Port&colonZheJiang Port or HangZhou Port&commaChina
CZPT potential&colon1&comma000 Sets&solmonth
Payment terms&colonT&solT&commaCZPT CZPT&comma Paypal&comma L&solC
CZPT&colonin seaworthy wooden cased
Shipping time&colonDepends on amount
CZPT mode&colonBy sea&commaby air&commaby express
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We specialize in sanitary valves&commapipe fittings and pumps&commawhich is applied for  milk&commafood&commabeer&commapharmaceutical and other fields&periodWe can quote you favourable price tag&substantial high quality&ideal following-sale solutions&periodWelcome to check out our manufacturing unit

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Stainless Steel High Viscosity Hygienic Grade Rotor Pump