Strand Cutting Plastic Granulator for Pet Flakes Recycling with Roots Vacuum Pump

Strand Cutting Plastic Granulator for Pet Flakes Recycling with Roots Vacuum Pump

Strand Slicing CZPT Granulator for PET Flakes Recycling with Roots Vacuum Pump

Description of CZPT Granulator for PET Flakes with Roots Vacuum Pump
Twin screw extruder recycling & pelletizing technique are utilized to the waste components, which requirements large processing performance of melting, volatilization, filtering etc., mainly functions for the occupation of PET scraps recycling and re-pelletizing.
To slowing down IV minimizing during PET flakes/scraps recycling, not only impurities, this sort of as PVC content material, humidity, and so forth., but also precise recycling system and reliable products configurations are needed to place in the solution.
PET plastic pelletizing equipment with intercontinental sophisticated recycling engineering and combined with the true software situation. This PET plastic pelletizing machine is layout specializes for recycling the recycled washed plastic PET plastic flakes/scraps, these kinds of as Cola plastic bottle flakes/scraps, purified h2o bottle flakes/scraps, PET sheet flakes/scraps, PET consuming bottle flakes/scraps and many others.
Soon after processing strategies this sort of as feeding, heating, melt, cooling, drying, slicing etc., the final goods are PET plastic pellets/granules that can be to make new PET plastic merchandise.
Characteristics of CZPT Granulator for PET Flakes with Roots Vacuum Pump
The screw is made of substantial device metal 38 CrMoALA or W6Mo5Cr4V2. Specific screw mix Euro-style rectangle barrel, reflux refrigeration channel optimized and disposed, which makes temperature difference in D areas smaller sized.
Innovated layout of heater-tightened type insures substantial effectiveness of heat transfer and high longevity of heater.
The content is employed substantial quality nitride steel, corrosion evidence or antifriction with corresponding processed special developed two sets of vacuum.
New-style project of parallel three-axis driving can make the convex axis, express Chain, decelerate and torque get jointly, which keep it compact, and the crucial bearings are imported soakage and spraying lubrication combine efficiently technics, strengthening of tooth confront, so they can guarantee high torque, high precision and reduced sound
The selected materials of generate parts is dainty, such as tremendous intention alloy, cementiteing metal, cementiting and grinding.

Doing work Movement of CZPT Granulator for PET Flakes with Roots Vacuum Pump
CZPT feeder → Parrallel Twin CZPT Productive extruder → Non-end hydraulic display screen filter changer → Water cooling → Strand reducing → Blower → Storage hopper → CZPTtric manage panel

one. CZPT feeder: the first action of the pelletizing recycling machine, PET plastic flakes/scraps conveyed into the hopper by way of screw, the screw connect sensor to detect the substance in hopper, once the flakes are complete in hopper, the screw will stop and once empty, the screw feeder will commence working.
two. Extruder: to plasticization and degassing, a specialized one screw extruder utilized to soften the pre-compacted content. The plastic scraps will well melted, plasticized in the very first phase extruder, and the plastic will be extrude by the CZPT phase extruder. With double-zone vacuum degassing method, volatiles such as lower molecular and dampness will be eliminated performance, specifically ideal to large printed movie and material with some h2o content.
three. Non-end hydraulic monitor filter changer: double phase filtering, fore filtering in the first extruder, and good filtering in the CZPT extruder, to reduce the frequency of filtering sieves modifying. The needs on the filter engineering count heavily on the high quality of the enter substance as nicely as the planned use of granules.
4. H2o cooling: manufactured of 304 stainless metal, 4 meters length that fill with h2o, as well cooling the melted plastic.
5. Chopping pelletizing: provided with pace metal and hard alloy steel cutting blades for trustworthy performance. Compact framework enables considerably less upkeep.

CZPT Granulator for PET Flakes with Roots Vacuum Pump Parameters

Power Use
H2o Use   LABOUR HUMIDITY Material
one hundred-a hundred and fifty a hundred and fifty Hold drinking water great 1-2 <2%
250-three hundred two hundred Maintain h2o amazing 1-two <2%
350-four hundred 280 Hold water great 1-two <2%
450-five hundred 360 Keep h2o cool 1-2 <2%

CZPT Granulator for PET Flakes with Roots Vacuum Pump Edge:
Quite lower labor request.
CZPT constant temperature management.
CE certification, ISO9001 certification, SGS certification
Steady operating, larger output and reduce power use.
Configuration dependent on shopper prerequisite and content, and give realistic recommend.

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Strand Cutting Plastic Granulator for Pet Flakes Recycling with Roots Vacuum Pump