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China Hot selling T67CB T6cc T67dB Vacuum Hydraulic Rotary Vane Pump with CHINAMFG vacuum pump electric

Product Description

HangZhou High-Tech Zone CHINAMFG International Trade Co., Ltd. is 1 of the largest hydraulic service provider and manufacturer in China.


We, CHINAMFG company specialize in hydraulic field more than 15 years with professional team and experienced engineer. Our own 6 factories are in HangZhou, China. We warmly welcome well qualified buyers to visit our company for investigation so as to ensure long-term cooperation and large orders signing. Of course, we are also very welcome and support consultation and purchase from retailers regardless of the amount purchased.

 High performance rotary group with well-proven spherical control area offering the following advantages, self-centering.
—  Low periph-eral speed              —  High duty roller bearing for intermettent high pressure operation.
—  For continuous duty hydrostatic are availabe.
—  Excellent  starting characteristics.
—  High power density
—  Optional mounting position 
—  High efficient.
—  Long service life robust rolling bearing.        
—  Drive shaft will support radial loads.
—  Low noise level.
—  High duty roller bearing for intermettent high pressure operation.
—  For continuous duty hydrostatic are availabe.
—  Excellent  starting characteristics.
—  High power density
—  Optional mounting position


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Type: Vane Pump
Stock: in Stock
Size: The Same as The Original
Performance Evaluation: 100% Close to The Original
Manufacturers: China Suppliers
Transport Package: Export Standard Wooden Case
US$ 1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




vacuum pump

What Is the Vacuum Level and How Is It Measured in Vacuum Pumps?

The vacuum level refers to the degree of pressure below atmospheric pressure in a vacuum system. It indicates the level of “emptiness” or the absence of gas molecules in the system. Here’s a detailed explanation of vacuum level measurement in vacuum pumps:

Vacuum level is typically measured using pressure units that represent the difference between the pressure in the vacuum system and atmospheric pressure. The most common unit of measurement for vacuum level is the Pascal (Pa), which is the SI unit. Other commonly used units include Torr, millibar (mbar), and inches of mercury (inHg).

Vacuum pumps are equipped with pressure sensors or gauges that measure the pressure within the vacuum system. These gauges are specifically designed to measure the low pressures encountered in vacuum applications. There are several types of pressure gauges used for measuring vacuum levels:

1. Pirani Gauge: Pirani gauges operate based on the thermal conductivity of gases. They consist of a heated element exposed to the vacuum environment. As gas molecules collide with the heated element, they transfer heat away, causing a change in temperature. By measuring the change in temperature, the pressure can be inferred, allowing the determination of the vacuum level.

2. Thermocouple Gauge: Thermocouple gauges utilize the thermal conductivity of gases similar to Pirani gauges. They consist of two dissimilar metal wires joined together, forming a thermocouple. As gas molecules collide with the thermocouple, they cause a temperature difference between the wires, generating a voltage. The voltage is proportional to the pressure and can be calibrated to provide a reading of the vacuum level.

3. Capacitance Manometer: Capacitance manometers measure pressure by detecting the change in capacitance between two electrodes caused by the deflection of a flexible diaphragm. As the pressure in the vacuum system changes, the diaphragm moves, altering the capacitance and providing a measurement of the vacuum level.

4. Ionization Gauge: Ionization gauges operate by ionizing gas molecules in the vacuum system and measuring the resulting electrical current. The ion current is proportional to the pressure, allowing the determination of the vacuum level. There are different types of ionization gauges, such as hot cathode, cold cathode, and Bayard-Alpert gauges.

5. Baratron Gauge: Baratron gauges utilize the principle of capacitance manometry but with a different design. They consist of a pressure-sensing diaphragm separated by a small gap from a reference electrode. The pressure difference between the vacuum system and the reference electrode causes the diaphragm to deflect, changing the capacitance and providing a measurement of the vacuum level.

It’s important to note that different types of vacuum pumps may have different pressure ranges and may require specific pressure gauges suitable for their operating conditions. Additionally, vacuum pumps are often equipped with multiple gauges to provide information about the pressure at different stages of the pumping process or in different parts of the system.

In summary, vacuum level refers to the pressure below atmospheric pressure in a vacuum system. It is measured using pressure gauges specifically designed for low-pressure environments. Common types of pressure gauges used in vacuum pumps include Pirani gauges, thermocouple gauges, capacitance manometers, ionization gauges, and Baratron gauges.

\vacuum pump

How Do Vacuum Pumps Impact the Quality of 3D Printing?

Vacuum pumps play a significant role in improving the quality and performance of 3D printing processes. Here’s a detailed explanation:

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a process of creating three-dimensional objects by depositing successive layers of material. Vacuum pumps are utilized in various aspects of 3D printing to enhance the overall quality, accuracy, and reliability of printed parts. Here are some key ways in which vacuum pumps impact 3D printing:

1. Material Handling and Filtration: Vacuum pumps are used in 3D printing systems to handle and control the flow of materials. They create the necessary suction force to transport powdered materials, such as polymers or metal powders, from storage containers to the printing chamber. Vacuum systems also assist in filtering and removing unwanted particles or impurities from the material, ensuring the purity and consistency of the feedstock. This helps to prevent clogging or contamination issues during the printing process.

2. Build Plate Adhesion: Proper adhesion of the printed object to the build plate is crucial for achieving dimensional accuracy and preventing warping or detachment during the printing process. Vacuum pumps are employed to create a vacuum environment or suction force that securely holds the build plate and ensures firm adhesion between the first layer of the printed object and the build surface. This promotes stability and minimizes the risk of layer shifting or deformation during the printing process.

3. Material Drying: Many 3D printing materials, such as filament or powdered polymers, can absorb moisture from the surrounding environment. Moisture-contaminated materials can lead to poor print quality, reduced mechanical properties, or defects in the printed parts. Vacuum pumps with integrated drying capabilities can be employed to create a low-pressure environment, effectively removing moisture from the materials before they are used in the printing process. This ensures the dryness and quality of the materials, resulting in improved print outcomes.

4. Resin Handling in Stereolithography (SLA): In SLA 3D printing, a liquid resin is selectively cured using light sources to create the desired object. Vacuum pumps are utilized to facilitate the resin handling process. They can be employed to degas or remove air bubbles from the liquid resin, ensuring a smooth and bubble-free flow during material dispensing. This helps to prevent defects and imperfections caused by trapped air or bubbles in the final printed part.

5. Enclosure Pressure Control: Some 3D printing processes, such as selective laser sintering (SLS) or binder jetting, require the printing chamber to be maintained at a specific pressure or controlled atmosphere. Vacuum pumps are used to create a controlled low-pressure or vacuum environment within the printing chamber, enabling precise pressure regulation and maintaining the desired conditions for optimal printing results. This control over the printing environment helps to prevent oxidation, improve material flow, and enhance the quality and consistency of printed parts.

6. Post-Processing and Cleaning: Vacuum pumps can also aid in post-processing steps and cleaning of 3D printed parts. For instance, in processes like support material removal or surface finishing, vacuum systems can assist in the removal of residual support structures or excess powder from printed objects. They can also be employed in vacuum-based cleaning methods, such as vapor smoothing, to achieve smoother surface finishes and enhance the aesthetics of the printed parts.

7. System Maintenance and Filtration: Vacuum pumps used in 3D printing systems require regular maintenance and proper filtration to ensure their efficient and reliable operation. Effective filtration systems within the vacuum pumps help to remove any contaminants or particles generated during printing, preventing their circulation and potential deposition on the printed parts. This helps to maintain the cleanliness of the printing environment and minimize the risk of defects or impurities in the final printed objects.

In summary, vacuum pumps have a significant impact on the quality of 3D printing. They contribute to material handling and filtration, build plate adhesion, material drying, resin handling in SLA, enclosure pressure control, post-processing and cleaning, as well as system maintenance and filtration. By utilizing vacuum pumps in these critical areas, 3D printing processes can achieve improved accuracy, dimensional stability, material quality, and overall print quality.

vacuum pump

What Are the Primary Applications of Vacuum Pumps?

Vacuum pumps have a wide range of applications across various industries. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Industrial Processes:

Vacuum pumps play a vital role in numerous industrial processes, including:

– Vacuum Distillation: Vacuum pumps are used in distillation processes to lower the boiling points of substances, enabling separation and purification of various chemicals and compounds.

– Vacuum Drying: Vacuum pumps aid in drying processes by creating a low-pressure environment, which accelerates moisture removal from materials without excessive heat.

– Vacuum Packaging: Vacuum pumps are used in the food industry to remove air from packaging containers, prolonging the shelf life of perishable goods by reducing oxygen exposure.

– Vacuum Filtration: Filtration processes can benefit from vacuum pumps to enhance filtration rates by applying suction, facilitating faster separation of solids and liquids.

2. Laboratory and Research:

Vacuum pumps are extensively used in laboratories and research facilities for various applications:

– Vacuum Chambers: Vacuum pumps create controlled low-pressure environments within chambers for conducting experiments, testing materials, or simulating specific conditions.

– Mass Spectrometry: Mass spectrometers often utilize vacuum pumps to create the necessary vacuum conditions for ionization and analysis of samples.

– Freeze Drying: Vacuum pumps enable freeze-drying processes, where samples are frozen and then subjected to a vacuum, allowing the frozen water to sublimate directly from solid to vapor state.

– Electron Microscopy: Vacuum pumps are essential for electron microscopy techniques, providing the necessary vacuum environment for high-resolution imaging of samples.

3. Semiconductor and Electronics Industries:

High vacuum pumps are critical in the semiconductor and electronics industries for manufacturing and testing processes:

– Semiconductor Fabrication: Vacuum pumps are used in various stages of chip manufacturing, including deposition, etching, and ion implantation processes.

– Thin Film Deposition: Vacuum pumps create the required vacuum conditions for depositing thin films of materials onto substrates, as done in the production of solar panels, optical coatings, and electronic components.

– Leak Detection: Vacuum pumps are utilized in leak testing applications to detect and locate leaks in electronic components, systems, or pipelines.

4. Medical and Healthcare:

Vacuum pumps have several applications in the medical and healthcare sectors:

– Vacuum Assisted Wound Closure: Vacuum pumps are used in negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), where they create a controlled vacuum environment to promote wound healing and removal of excess fluids.

– Laboratory Equipment: Vacuum pumps are essential in medical and scientific equipment such as vacuum ovens, freeze dryers, and centrifugal concentrators.

– Anesthesia and Medical Suction: Vacuum pumps are utilized in anesthesia machines and medical suction devices to create suction and remove fluids or gases from the patient’s body.

5. HVAC and Refrigeration:

Vacuum pumps are employed in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and refrigeration industries:

– Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems: Vacuum pumps are used during system installation, maintenance, and repair to evacuate moisture and air from refrigeration and air conditioning systems, ensuring efficient operation.

– Vacuum Insulation Panels: Vacuum pumps are utilized in the manufacturing of vacuum insulation panels, which offer superior insulation properties for buildings and appliances.

6. Power Generation:

Vacuum pumps play a role in power generation applications:

– Steam Condenser Systems: Vacuum pumps are used in power plants to remove non-condensable gases from steam condenser systems, improving thermal efficiency.

– Gas Capture: Vacuum pumps are utilized to capture and remove gases, such as hydrogen or helium, in nuclear power plants, research reactors, or particle accelerators.

These are just a few examples of the primary applications of vacuum pumps. The versatility and wide range of vacuum pump types make them essential in numerous industries, contributing to various manufacturing processes, research endeavors, and technological advancements.

China Hot selling T67CB T6cc T67dB Vacuum Hydraulic Rotary Vane Pump with CHINAMFG   vacuum pump electricChina Hot selling T67CB T6cc T67dB Vacuum Hydraulic Rotary Vane Pump with CHINAMFG   vacuum pump electric
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Anti-Explosion Electric Hydraulic Oil Pump Electric Hydraulic Pump

Anti-Explosion Electric Hydraulic Oil Pump Electric Hydraulic Pump

Anti-explosion CZPTtric CZPT Oil Pump CZPTtric CZPT Pump

Production specification

Anti-explosion CZPTtric CZPT Oil Pump CZPTtric CZPT Pump is a hydraulic part that materials pressurized liquid to a hydraulic transmission and is a variety of pump. Its purpose is to change the mechanical power of a electricity device (these kinds of as an electric motor and an inner combustion motor) into the pressure power of a liquid.

Model rated pressure rated flow





Excess weight Dimension
high pressure low pressure high pressure low pressure KG L*B*H
DBD0.7L 63 / .seven / four .75 22 three hundred*200*400
sixty three / .seven / 4.5 .seventy five 23.3 350*230*450
DBS0.6/2L sixty three two .six two four.5 .75 24 350*230*450
DYB-1A 63 six.3 .six two.4 16 .seventy five forty one.five 390*300*520
DYB-1B(S) 80 six.three .six two.4 sixteen .seventy five 49 390*300*520
DYB0.8M eighty(one hundred) / .8 / sixteen 1.five forty nine 390*three hundred*520
DSD0.8M/4B eighty two.5 .eight 4 20 1.five 63 450*350*600
DSD0.8M/6B eighty 2.5 .8 six 36 one.5 80 450*350*600
DSD1.6M/6B 80 two.five 1.six 6 36 2.two eighty 450*410*715
DSD2.0M/6B 80 two.five 2 6 36 2.2 eighty 450*410*715
LSJ4*four hundred forty / 4 / 40 3 ninety one 500*four hundred*670
DSQ6/50H 32 two.5 six fifty 160 4 195 800*540*1571
DSQ6H/P4B 32 two.five six 14 sixty two.two eighty five 850*550*500


CZPT details

CZPT Displays

The plunger pump is a handbook torque wrench that achieves oil absorption and pressure oil by a reciprocating motion of the plunger in the cylinder to attain a modify in the sealing quantity. This SAIYA Regular CZPT Torque Wrench has a lot of benefits above the equipment pump and the vane pump.
one,the factors forming the sealed quantity are cylindrical plungers and cylinder bores, which are handy to procedure, can acquire high fitting precision, have very good sealing performance, and even now have substantial volumetric efficiency in high force work
2,the flow of SAIYA Common CZPT Torque Wrench can be modified basically by changing the operating stroke of the plunger, making it effortless to implement variables
3,The primary parts of the SAIYA Regular CZPT Torque Wrench are subjected to compressive anxiety, and the content power homes can be entirely utilized.

CZPT Application

Our Anti-explosion CZPTtric CZPT Oil Pump CZPTtric CZPT Pump can effectively functioning in a Metallurgical business, power market, machinery sector, aviation industry, mining sector and chemical business.

About us

ZheJiang CZPT CZPT CZPT Co.,Ltd is largely engaged in the study and development and sales of hydraulic pumping stations, hydraulic cylinders, jacks, hydraulic electric powered pumps, hydraulic hand pumps and components.

The organization has sturdy complex power, advanced tools and trustworthy quality. Leading merchandise consist of pumping equipment pumping station, ultra-large pressure hydraulic pumping station, hydraulic equipment, hydraulic jacks and other extremely-substantial pressure hydraulic merchandise, extremely-substantial strain guide oil pump series, ultra-substantial strain electric powered oil pump sequence and loader hydraulic cylinders, CZPT hydraulic cylinders, development CZPT hydraulic cylinders, special hydraulic cylinders and other 4 sorts of engineering hydraulic cylinder items, and deal layout and creation of various hydraulic techniques. We can also create a variety of hydraulic systems, hydraulic instruments according to consumer demands.

Anti-Explosion Electric Hydraulic Oil Pump Electric Hydraulic Pump

Dyb-Series Ultra High Pressure Electric Hydraulic Pump for Sale

Dyb-Series Ultra High Pressure Electric Hydraulic Pump for Sale

DYB-sequence extremely high strain electrical hydraulic pump for sale 

Generation specification

DYB-collection extremely large force electrical hydraulic pump for sale is a hydraulic ingredient that supplies pressurized liquid to a hydraulic transmission and is a sort of pump. Its purpose is to transform the mechanical power of a electrical power machine (these kinds of as an electric motor and an internal combustion engine) into the strain vitality of a liquid.

Product rated pressure rated flow





Weight Measurement
high pressure low pressure high pressure low pressure KG L*B*H
DBD0.7L sixty three / .seven / 4 .75 22 300*200*four hundred
sixty three / .seven / four.5 .seventy five 23.three 350*230*450
DBS0.six/2L 63 2 .6 two four.5 .seventy five 24 350*230*450
DYB-1A sixty three 6.3 .6 two.four 16 .seventy five 41.five 390*three hundred*520
DYB-1B(S) eighty six.three .six 2.4 16 .75 forty nine 390*300*520
DYB0.8M 80(one hundred) / .8 / sixteen one.five forty nine 390*three hundred*520
DSD0.8M/4B 80 two.5 .8 4 twenty one.five sixty three 450*350*600
DSD0.8M/6B eighty 2.five .eight six 36 one.five eighty 450*350*600
DSD1.6M/6B 80 2.five 1.six six 36 2.2 80 450*410*715
DSD2.0M/6B 80 two.5 two six 36 two.2 80 450*410*715
LSJ4*400 40 / 4 / forty 3 ninety one five hundred*400*670
DSQ6/50H 32 2.5 six fifty 160 four 195 800*540*1571
DSQ6H/P4B 32 2.5 six 14 60 2.2 eighty five 850*550*five hundred


CZPT particulars

CZPT Demonstrates

The plunger pump is a manual torque wrench that achieves oil absorption and strain oil by a reciprocating motion of the plunger in the cylinder to obtain a change in the sealing volume. This SAIYA Standard CZPT Torque Wrench has a lot of advantages in excess of the equipment pump and the vane pump.
1,the factors forming the sealed volume are cylindrical plungers and cylinder bores, which are convenient to process, can get higher fitting precision, have excellent sealing functionality, and even now have high volumetric performance in substantial force operate
two,the flow of SAIYA Common CZPT Torque Wrench can be altered just by shifting the doing work stroke of the plunger, creating it straightforward to apply variables
three,The primary elements of the SAIYA Normal CZPT Torque Wrench are subjected to compressive pressure, and the substance strength qualities can be totally used.

CZPT Application

Our DYB-collection ultra substantial strain electrical hydraulic pump for sale can nicely functioning in a Metallurgical market, electrical power market, equipment sector, aviation market, mining industry and chemical industry.

About us

ZheJiang CZPT CZPT CZPT Co.,Ltd is primarily engaged in the investigation and development and product sales of hydraulic pumping stations, hydraulic cylinders, jacks, hydraulic electric pumps, hydraulic hand pumps and components.

The company has strong technical energy, sophisticated gear and reputable quality. Foremost items consist of pumping device pumping station, extremely-high pressure hydraulic pumping station, hydraulic tools, hydraulic jacks and other extremely-substantial force hydraulic items, extremely-high force handbook oil pump collection, ultra-high pressure electric powered oil pump series and loader hydraulic cylinders, CZPT hydraulic cylinders, design CZPT hydraulic cylinders, specific hydraulic cylinders and other four kinds of engineering hydraulic cylinder merchandise, and contract layout and manufacturing of different hydraulic techniques. We can also produce different hydraulic systems, hydraulic tools according to customer needs.

Dyb-Series Ultra High Pressure Electric Hydraulic Pump for Sale

Cnm Electric Oil Pump for Hydraulic Jack

Cnm Electric Oil Pump for Hydraulic Jack

one&period CNM CZPTtric Oil Pump for CZPT Jack

one&periodCZPTtric hydraulic pump&period

2&periodHandle convinent to have&time period

three&periodEasy operation&comma excellent performance&period of time

4&periodHigh top quality with competetive price tag&interval

2&time period CNM EP Series CZPTtric Oil Pump
Double-pace developed&comma infinitely variable pressure adjustment amongst -seven-hundred bar&period Double-acting electrical hydraulic pump with manual valve MP collection 70Mpa electrical pump&commahydraulic pump&time period

three&period of time CNM EP Collection CZPTtric Oil Pump Features&colon
1Parameter&colon2stage pump with heat trade&comma380v&comma50Hz&commathree section
two&periodThe greatest running pressure &colon70Mpa
three&periodFlow&colonlow stress ten Lm&comma substantial pressure4Lm
4&periodOperation &colonsuitable for one and multi-operation &lpar2 pair ports&rpar
5&periodTwo phase with listen to trade

4&period CZPT Knowledge for CNM EP Series CZPTtric Oil Pump

product functioning force&lparMpa&rpar flow &lparL&solMin&rpar tank capacity motor power&lparkw&rpar voltage&lparv&rpar dimension&lparL×W×H&rpar &lparmm&rpar fat&lparkg&rpar
high stress reduced force high force reduced strain &lparL&rpar
CNM-ER-75 70 &period8 12 &period75 380 400×260×440 30
CNM-EPR-a hundred and fifty 70 &period8 twelve one&period5 220 400×260×440 thirty
CNM-EP-150 70 10 1 six 24 one&period5 380 500×350×600 sixty
CNM-EP-220 70 ten 1&period5 seven fifty 2&period2 380 500×350×600 90
CNM-EP-220 70 10 one&period5 seven sixty 2&period2 380 610×450×860 ninety
CNM-EP-550 70 ten 4 10 one hundred 5&period5 380 750×540×880 120

5&interval Our Benefits&colon

We are PT CZPTr from China&comma our total items variety for submit tensioning and pre-strssing development&colon
1&rpar&time period CZPT&colon laptop strand&comma YJM anchor technique&lparmonostrand anchor&comma multistrands anchor&rpar&comma ducts&lparmetal ducts&comma HDPE plastic ducts&rpar&interval
two&rpar&time period CZPT&colon CZPT JacK&comma CZPTtric Oil Pump&comma YH30 embossing machie&lparonion jack&rpar&comma GYJ500 extrusion machine&comma ZG130 ducts making machine&comma grouting pump and mixer for publish tensioning&rpar&period
three&rpar&time period CZPT CZPT&colon CZPT CZPT&comma CZPT Girder Launching CZPT&comma CZPT Girder Transporting Vehicle&comma etc&interval

six&period of time FAQ&colon
1&rpar&period Q&colon What details need to give prior to inserting order&quest
We are appreciated you provide us depth info about your necessity&colon
one&period What is your essential Maximum Potential for jack&quest
two&period of time What Voltage for operate in your location&quest
three&interval What is your necessary Spot Port&quest
2&rpar Q&colon How is the shipping lead time&colon
A&colon Merchandise in stock&colon within three days&comma Products out of inventory&lpar7 days&rpar&comma Merchandise need to be CZPT&lpar10-15 days&rpar&period of time
3&rpar What is your Minimal Buy&quest
A&colon MOQ&colon one hundred pieces&time period
4&rpar Q&colon Payment CZPTs&quest
A TT&comma LC&comma CZPT CZPT&comma Paypal&comma and so on&time period
five&rpar Q&colon How to transportation the merchandise&colon
A&colon by delivery&comma airflight&comma express&time period

Welcome to your inquiry&excl
Cell  Phone No&period&colon &plus86~13 0571 88828 13858117778673713569
Jason Wang

Cnm Electric Oil Pump for Hydraulic Jack

Double Active Hydraulic Electric Pump

Double Active Hydraulic Electric Pump

Double energetic hydraulic electrical pump ZCB-700AB

Double lively hydraulic electric powered pump ZCB-700AB
Rated Output 750W
Motor Voltage 220V/380V
Rated Stress Large 70Mpa,Low 7Mpa
Capability minimal force 5L/min
high strain .9L/min
Oil reservoil potential 7L      
Frequency 50HZ
Dimension 35*27*51
Observe double valve with pedal switch and hand swap

1. Handbook force keeping.
two. Higher and lower pace two stage for swift oil output. Turbine oil absorption could guarantee max. Effective oil quantity.
3. Stress safety valve over stress device could avoid over strain harm. At 700kg/cm2, immediately stress launch.
4. Substantial stress is for driving piston and lower pressure is for piston reset.
5. Oil pipe fitted with swift coupling could be ordered at any duration.
six. Oil pipe coupling equipped with PT three/eight” thread.


Double Active Hydraulic Electric Pump

Jysr Electric High Pressure Hydraulic Diaphragm Dosing Metering Pump

Jysr Electric High Pressure Hydraulic Diaphragm Dosing Metering Pump

Primary Parameter
¨ Circulation selection: 28-700LPH@50Hz/34-840LPH@60Hz
¨ Force range: sixteen-220 Bar
¨ Energy:  1.5kw IEC90 four Pole Motor
¨Material: SS304 SS316, other on request

Parameter Table

Product 50Hz 60Hz Pressure Piston
Inlet & Outlet Caliber Relationship
SPM Flow  
JYSR28/22 28  7.4  ninety six 8.9  33.six 115 220 3190 sixteen thirty DN10 ten*16 union
 for welding
JYSR42/22 42  11  a hundred and forty four 13  50  172 220 3190 16
JYSR50/18 56  14  17  67  one hundred eighty 2610 eighteen
JYSR70/fourteen 70  18  22  84  a hundred and forty 2030 twenty
JYSR85/12 85  22  27  102  one hundred twenty 1740 22
JYSR110/9. 110  29  34  132  ninety 1305 25
JYSR165/6.five 165  43  52  198  sixty five 942.five thirty DN15 RF Flange
JYSR190/5.6 190  50  60  228  fifty six 812 32
JYSR250/four.five 250  66  79  300  45 652.5 36
JYSR300/3.6 300  79  95  360  36 522 forty
JYSR380/two.8 380  100  120  456  28 406 forty five
JYSR480/two.three 480  127  152  576  23 333.5 50 DN20 RF Flange
JYSR580/1.8 580  153  183  696  18 261 55
JYSR700/1.6 700  185  222  840  sixteen 232 sixty

Duplex or Triplex heads are obtainable.


Jysr Electric High Pressure Hydraulic Diaphragm Dosing Metering Pump

Double Acting Soleniod Valve Electric Hydraulic Pump

Double Acting Soleniod Valve Electric Hydraulic Pump

Double Performing CZPT CZPTtric Pump HHB-630B-I Features&colon

1&period of time With protection valve to release the stress when over-loading
2&period of time Two-pace pump operation decreases cycle moments for enhanced productiveness
three&period8L Oil tank ideal for powering tiny to medium measurement Double acting CZPT cylinders or resources
four&period With soleniod valve&comma operated by foot

 Double acting CZPT electric pump HHB-630B-I
 Power .75 Kw 
 Working strain Reduced strain stage 2Mpa   /   High pressur phase 70Mpa
 Flow rate Minimal stress stage 5L/min / High pressur stage .7L/min
 Oil potential  8 L
 Volume 325*250*470mm
 Weight 27 Kg

Double Acting Soleniod Valve Electric Hydraulic Pump

Bw200 Double Cylinder Mud Pump with Diesel Hydraulic Electric Powered

Bw200 Double Cylinder Mud Pump with Diesel   Hydraulic   Electric Powered

Bw200 Higher Force Triplex Drilling Sewage Slurry Mud Pump with Diesel / CZPT / CZPTtric Run

BW200 deep gap drilling hydraulic plunger triplex weighty duty slurry pump
BW200 Mud Pumps is equipped with drilling rigs to drill holes with mud. In the course of drilling mud pump pumps slurry to the hole to offer coat to the wall, to lubricate the drilling instruments and to have the rock debris up to the floor.
BW200 mud pump are mainly utilised for irrigation agricultural equipment.the primary attribute is the substantial stress,carry much,considerably less engergy usage,easy operation,higher quality and duarable,effortless to transfer,particularly for mountain terraces of irrigation.

BW200 kind mud pump is a horizontal triplex single acting reciprocating piston pump, which has two bore and fourth gear velocity. Displacement and gap depth can be adjusted in accordance to the software, the deepest can be adjusted to the software,the deepest can be utilised with 1800meters driling rig,it also can be utilised cement perfusion.

They are also the major equipment of the geological study,the principal part in the process of core drilling boreholes is to offer fluid(mud or h2o),generating it flow into in the course of drilling and carry rock squander back again to the ground,in purchase to obtain and keep the base hole clean and lubricate drill bits and drilling resources with cooling.

one. Initiatives: CZPT drilling of the initiatives e.g. prospection, geotechnical investigation(geological discovering), railway, highway, port, bridge, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel, effectively, industrial and civil construction
two. Exploration: Coal mining exploration, Ore exploration
three. Water properly : Modest hole diameter drinking water nicely drilling
four. Pipe-installing : Geothermal pipe-installing for warmth pump
five. Foundation piling: Small-diameter gap foundation piling drilling.
Horizontal ,3-cylinder solitary-performing ,reciprocal piston pump, employed to offer flushing fluid to the drilling well in project

No. Model Unit BW200
one Variety   Horizontal double cylinder reciprocating double acting piston pump
2 Cylinder amount   2
3 Cylinder diameter mm eighty:sixty five
four Journey (mm) mm eighty five
5 Pump Velocity Time/min a hundred forty five
6 Fee of circulation L/min 200 125
7 Stress Mpa four 6
8 Pace r/min 530
nine Pitch of belt pulley mm 385
10 Belt pulley mm B sort,5 solts
11 Electrical power   Diesel motor
12 Egnine Brand   Changchai
thirteen Engine Design   ZS1105
fourteen Engine Power KW 13.two
15 Suction pipe dia.(mm) mm φ65 mm
sixteen Scupper pipe dia. mm φ37 mm
seventeen Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 1050×630×820
18 Bodyweight Kg 480

Packing& Delivery                                                                                                                                                


In our after sales service technique, We create best handle system strictly in accordance to ISO-9000 sequence, in this program, technological innovation day and difficulty resolve answer and preventive actions will be offered in any sustain venture, all the spare components will be employed in new OEM merchandise with installation recommendations, packing record, manufacturer’s instruction, qualification and Warranty certificate.
We give “a single equipment & one particular scenario, limitless support, particularly the soon after sales service commence from the order confirmation, last for the operating existence of the products.

Bw200 Double Cylinder Mud Pump with Diesel   Hydraulic   Electric Powered

2.2kw Hydraulic Motor in Pump for Vehicle Electric Forklift Truck O. D. 114mm Manufacturer

2.2kw Hydraulic Motor in Pump for Vehicle Electric Forklift Truck O. D. 114mm Manufacturer

HangZhou China Provider 24V DC High Electrical power Forkflit CZPT Oil Pump Motor (ZD2422A-DW04-XX)


Product Description

Welcome you to have our sample to take a look at our motor and evaluate. We have stringent QC method and be concerned-free after sales support. We are confidient to be your reliable spouse in China. 

Product No.: ZD2422A-DW04-XX
Vlotage: 24V 
Input electrical power : 2.2W
Torque: 8N.M

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Business Info

Mengli specialized in exploring, establishing, creating and exporting house electric powered motor Far more than 30years.We apply specialized certificate for our solution, this sort of as CE, CCC, ISO9001, etc. We have expert and united groups to serve our clientele.





2.2kw Hydraulic Motor in Pump for Vehicle Electric Forklift Truck O. D. 114mm Manufacturer

China Electric Submersible Sand Slurry Suction Pump for Dredging, Vertical Pump, Hydraulic Pump

China Electric Submersible Sand Slurry Suction Pump for Dredging, Vertical Pump, Hydraulic Pump

China CZPTtric Submersible Sand Slurry Suction Pump for Dredging,Vertical Pump,CZPT Pump

The Depump® SS collection submersible slurry pump is a type of hydraulic mechanism which motor connects right with pump. It is used for delivering liquid contained sand, coal conder reliable etc..
The pump can be primarily used in clearing the mud in lake, river, sea and widening channel and many others.
It also can be utilized to obvious out sewage pool in developing website, metal wokrs and energy station and
so on, the pump adopts excllent content, advanced structure, and it is with broad flowing passage & sturdy supply capability. The hydraulic components are wear-resistant. The pump is accomplished with handle unit.

• 27% chrome white iron impeller.
• 27% chrome white iron integral agitator.
• 27% chrome white iron volute.
• Replaceable 27% white iron back plate.
• 420 stainless steel shaft
• 420 stainless steel shaft sleeve.
• 420 stainless steel stainer.
• All fasteners 420 stainless metal.
• Massive reduce drinking water casing clearance.
• Low velocity electro-submersible motor provides reliable steady operation.
• Motor incorporates thrust bearing temperature and dampness sensors.
• F class motor insulation as CZPT, with optional H class insulation available for reliable operation
in large temperature applications.
• Heavy responsibility solid iron motor design.
• Weighty obligation mild metal assistance frame with spherical foundation offers superb steadiness.
• Double mechanical seal with carbon/ceramic on soaked conclude and tungsten/ceramic on the travel conclude
provide powerful sealing between motor and soaked conclude.
• CZPT seals are oil tub lubricated.
• External cooling alternatives obtainable.
• Accessible with a wide range of protective oatings and paint possibilities.
• Oil chamber incorporates a water leakage probe which detects when water-to-oil ratio is too large
and cuts off electricity to avoid motor hurt due to oil contamination.
• Motor incorporates a float switch in the bottom to detect the ingress of h2o and minimize electrical power to
stop motor harm. Motor stator incorporates shutdown temperature management sensors which
immediately detect abnormal motor temperatures and shut motor down to avoid damage.
• Globe broad backup and service.


Transfer of squander water, effluent and solids laden drinking water for:
• Creating Services
• Sumps and Basements
• Municipal
• Processing
• Drinking water Treatment method

Pump Particulars

Structure Of Pump


NO. Description Standard Materials Substance Choices
one Assist Body Delicate Metal  
two Strainer 420 CZPT Steel  
three Pump Casing Cr27 White Iron SS316, A49,CD4MCu
four Again Plate Cr27 White Iron SS316, A49,CD4MCu
5 Impeller Cr27 White Iron SS316, A49,CD4MCu
6 Agitator Cr27 White Iron SS316, A49,CD4MCu
7 Oil Chamber Housing Solid Iron  
eight Shaft 420 CZPT Metal  
nine Shaft Sleeve 420 CZPT Steel  
10 Soaked Finish CZPT Seal 304 CZPT Steel  
11 Motor CZPT Seal 304 CZPT Metal  
twelve Motor Casing Cast Iron  
thirteen Motor CZPT Jacket Fabricated Gentle Steel  
14 CZPT Brace Gentle Metal  
fifteen Bearing Handles Cast Iron  
16 Oil Chamber Protect Forged Iron  

Functionality Table




Head (m)

Motor Power (kw)

Speed (RPM)



SS30-30-7.five thirty thirty seven.five 2850 7
SS50-26-11 50 26 eleven 1460 21
SS50-thirty-11 50 thirty 11 1460 19
SS70-twenty-11 70 20 eleven 980 24
SS100-18-11 one hundred 18 eleven 1460 21
SS25-40-11 25 40 eleven 1480 13
SS150-15-15 150 fifteen fifteen 980 32
SS40-forty-18.5 forty forty 18.five 1480 13
SS100-twenty five-18.5 100 25 eighteen.5 980 24
SS38-45-18.five 38 forty five eighteen.5 980 13
SS60-34-18.five 60 34 eighteen.five 970 thirteen
SS90-30-eighteen.5 90 thirty eighteen.5 980 24
SS150-22-22 a hundred and fifty 22 22 950 31
SS200-15-22 200 15 22 950 44
SS60-46-22 sixty forty six 22 980 13
SS100-35-thirty one hundred 35 30 980 34
SS150-thirty-30 one hundred fifty 30 thirty 980 35
SS240-twenty-thirty 240 20 30 980 forty
SS100-fifty-37 one hundred 50 37 1480 24
SS140-40-37 one hundred forty 40 37 1480 24
SS300-20-37 three hundred twenty 37 980 69

  *****Far more pump models remember to speak to us*****

Our Advantages

  • Factory direct price 
  • Expert knowledge and attentive services
  • Rigorous top quality inspection and timely shipping and delivery
  • Very worth each buy, no issue how small it is.
  • offer confidentiality settlement “organization magic formula agreement”
  • Merchandise warranty:lifetime, no make a difference how lengthy to use,if there is air hole in the movement parts,you should return it,will give you a new a single to substitute.


Q: What variety of organization you are?
A: CZPTazhuang Depon Pump Company is expert company in pumps. Right after accumulation and improvement of many a long time, we have shaped a complete program of pump design and style, choice, application, manufacture, advertising and marketing and maintenance. We have passed CE, SGS certification. Our buyers are at
home and overseas. Hope to coorperate with the throughout the world pals. 

Q: What’s your MOQ?
A: Demo sample order is Ok.
Q: What are your payment conditions?

A: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A or as customer necessary
Q: How about the guarantee?

A: One 12 months warranty for pumps, it depends on other pump operating problem details.
Q: What is the shipping and delivery time?

A: 7-30 times in accordance to buyer quantities.
Q: Can you do OEM brand name?

A: Sure, Welcome.
Q: What info must I offer to get pump remedy?
1, Head:     m
two, Circulation:    m3/h
3, Max Reliable measurement:    mm
four, Particle form (sleek or sharp):
five, Medium pH stage:
six,Certain Gravity of the Medium:
7, Temperature:
eight, CZPT kind:
9. Energy provide: CZPTtric or Dlesel
ten, Voltage and Frequency of the Motor: 


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China Electric Submersible Sand Slurry Suction Pump for Dredging, Vertical Pump, Hydraulic Pump