Tya Series Old Gear Oil Filtration Machine Oil Purifier for Sale

Tya Series Old Gear Oil Filtration Machine Oil Purifier for Sale

ZheJiang TYA Series Previous Gear Oil CZPT CZPT Oil Purifier For Sale

1.This equipment is utilized to purify lubricating oil, CZPT oil, Turbo oil, Coolant oil, Motor oil, Vans oil, CZPT oil, Heat therapy oil, Equipment oil and so on.

2.TYA oil purifier can be also utilised for treating some other oil these kinds of as employed Cooking oil, Vegetable oil (Pretreatment or Submit-treatment for generating bio diesel), and so on. TYA is extensively utilised for numerous industries such as the mine, metallurgy, electrical electrical power, transportation, manufactures and so forth., the place need to maintain lubricating methods.

TYA can properly remove fuel, drinking water, impurities and other contaminants from oil, and strongly emulsified, by which to reduce oil’s h2o articles and impurity material, increase oil cleanness.

Right after remedy, the oil’s technical parameters and properties are enhanced, prolonging oil service daily life and ensuring basic safety operation of industrial tools.


one.With the robust capability to filter the impurity, which can filter the particles comprehensive TYA.

two.It has the again flush method, which can very clear impurities immediately TYA.

three.CZPT dielectric condensation device

four.This machine installs the new stress protector, which can management the temperature immediately TYA also it can drain water on line by the w
ater-separator system. So it is easy to handle this machine.

five.We adopt the substantial high quality filter resources, which has a good perform in precision of eliminates impurity is substantial and the services life is long. Also, it has a large volume for storing the impurities.

6.The special degas and dewater system: Utilizing the Stereo-Evaporation technical, which can individual the h2o and fuel from the oil fast TYA by the Multi-degree drinking water-oil separation technologies.

Operating Theory

When TYA commences functioning, oil will be sucked into heater by vacuum stress, then the oil will be heated and circulation into main filter, the place the massive impurities are divided. then, oil flows into vacuum separator, and flows by way of a special developed system, which helps make for each unit quantity oil to make a large floor location, lets the oil publicity in low humidity atmosphere, so the gas and water are separated from oil. the gas and separated h2o vapour types as combined gas, flows through h2o tank and cooler, condense into liquid and flows into water receiver, the residual gasoline is fatigued by vacuum pump. Oil flows by way of oil pump and into good filter, the place the little impurities are separated. If the oil is very dirty, or is high h2o content etc., you can purify the oil circularly for numerous instances, by which to take away the drinking water and impurities totally.

 CZPT Parameters

Merchandise Unit TYA-ten TYA-20 TYA-30 TYA-50 TYA-one hundred TYA-150 TYA-200 TYA-three hundred
Movement fee L/Hr 600 1200 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000
Vacuum degree Mpa -.06 ~ – .095
Working Pressure Mpa ≤0.four
Temperature Degree ºC ~ 100
Energy CZPT   380V,3phase, 50HZ (or as essential by customer)
Operating sounds DB (A) ≤75 ≤75 ≤75 ≤78 ≤78 ≤78 ≤80 ≤82
CZPTtric heating Energy KW 18 18 24 30 fifty four seventy two ninety a hundred and twenty
Complete electric Electricity KW 19.3 19.3 twenty five.sixty five 32 57.1 79 98 a hundred thirty
Inlet (outlet) Caliber mm Ф25 Ф25 Ф25 Ф32 Ф42 Ф50 Ф50 Ф60
Dimension mm 1260
x 1600
Bodyweight Kg 450 550 600 750 850 a thousand 1200 1500
Following Therapy
Humidity (h2o content) ≤ 50 PPM
Fuel Content material ≤0.one%
Impurities Diploma (CZPT precision) ≤1 ~ 5 micron (no totally free carbon)
Demulsification New oil≤15min, managing oil≤30mi
Cleanliness ≤NAS 1638 Quality 6

CZPT photos

Business information

CZPT Co., Ltd is a leading oil purifier manufacturer in China, which engages in establishing, generating, offering a series of oil purifier these kinds of as transformer oil purifier, turbine oil purifier, engine oil purifier, lube oil purifier and so on. We practice in this line for fifteen years, so we have a strong technology and acquire rich experience. Our items have been exported to many nations around the world, and get a high popularity.

For insulating oil purification and regeneration

1.ZY collection for purify the insulating oil (for less than 110kv transforer oil purification or other insulating equipment oil)

2. ZYB collection for purify and regenerate the insulating oil (for considerably less than 110kv transformer oil purification and regeneration)

3. ZYD collection for purify the insulating oil with a roots pump (for in excess of 110kv transformer oil purification)

four. ZYD-I series for purify and regenerate the insulating oil (for high voltage insulating gear oil purification and regeneration)

For lubricating/turbine oil purification and regeneration

one.TY collection for purify the turbine oil (Primarily on dehydration, demulsification)

2.TYA collection for purify the standard lubricating oil

3.TYC series for purify and regenerate the standard lubricating oil

TYB collection without having Vacuum technique (deal with the filthy oil which can not be heated, and for the light oil)

LY sequence plate strain oil purifier (get rid of the particals from the oil, can purify the vegetable oil when use SS substance)

JL moveable oil purifier ( it’s economic with 3-stage purification. eliminate impurities from the dirty oil, ideal for oil filling and oil drawing)

BOD sequence oil purifier ( purify the dirty black oil to typical shade, above 90% oil yield)

BDV tester for insulating oil

For much more data, make sure you really feel totally free to make contact with us.

Following-product sales Providers

1.One particular calendar year ensure for item good quality. (Individuals broken areas are billed).
two.Lifelong routine maintenance and spare parts source.
3.Cost-free design and style of fixtures as customers necessary.
four.Free instruction for devices installation and operation of the staffs.

For much more infomration and thorough item specs, you should make contact with us!
Remember to go away us your e mail and cell variety to send out you much more images , brochures and value particulars. Thank you!


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Tya Series Old Gear Oil Filtration Machine Oil Purifier for Sale