Boiler Fee Water Pump for Chemical Industry

Boiler Fee Water Pump for Chemical Industry

boiler feed h2o pump

specialized information:

substance: solid iron,  flow: 280mthree/h energy: 185kw temperature of water: forty–one hundred twentyC
sediment articles of water: max 350g/mthree,  PH: 2—ten

Utilization: Extraction of groundwater, marine platforms, mining, building h2o supply, agricultural irrigation, landscape layout, hearth defense techniques, geothermal springs, reverse osmosis methods
Submersible pumps engage in an essential role in production and life. We need to pay out consideration to the adhering to details when making use of them.

1st, when deciding on submersible pumps, we ought to pay out consideration to its kind, flow and raise. If the specifications are not suited, it will not be in a position to get adequate h2o output and the effectiveness of the unit can not be introduced into perform. In addition, we need to also know the course of rotation of the motor, some types of submersible pumps can be reversed when the forward and reverse water, but reversal of h2o output is little, large existing, its reversal will harm the motor winding. CZPTtric leakage safety switch ought to be put in to avoid electric powered leakage accident of submersible pump when functioning underneath water.
Two. When putting in little submersible pump, the cable need to be overhead and the power twine need to not be way too long. When the device is released, do not pressure the cable, so as not to result in the electrical power twine to crack. The submersible pump must not sink into the mud, normally it will result in undesirable heat dissipation and burn off the motor winding.
Three, try out to stay away from commencing at low voltage. Energy provide voltage and rated voltage can not be ten%, way too substantial voltage will result in motor overheating and melt away out the winding, too minimal voltage will reduce the motor velocity, this sort of as considerably less than 70% of the rated pace, the commence of the centrifugal switch will be closed, resulting in prolonged-term electrical power on the start off-up winding and even burn off out the windings and capacitors. Do not switch the motor regularly, this is since when the pump stops running, there will be reflux. If you begin the motor right away, the load will begin, resulting in excessive beginning recent and burning out the winding.
four. Do not let the pump lengthy-expression overload operation, do not pump sediment-laden h2o, pump dehydration operation time should not be also long, in order to steer clear of the motor overheating and burning. During the operation of the device, the operator have to constantly notice regardless of whether the functioning voltage and present are within the specified values on the nameplate. If not, the motor must be stopped, locate out the result in and troubleshoot.
Fifth, usually check out the motor, this sort of as found cracks in the reduce go over, rubber seal ring hurt or failure, should be changed or fixed in time to water-resistant infiltration equipment.

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Boiler Fee Water Pump for Chemical Industry