Double Suction Pump for Power Plant

Double Suction Pump for Power Plant

                 Double Suction Pump for Electrical power Plant

Model QS Horizontal centrifugal big h2o pump is a single-phase double-suction horizontal split centrifugal pump and utilised to transport pure h2o and the liquid of both bodily and chemical nature comparable to those of drinking water, the maximum temperature of which must not be over 80ºC , suitable for drinking water offer and drainage in factories, mines, towns and electric powered stations, waterlogged land drainage and irrigation of farming land and carious hydraulic initiatives.
Software for large water pump 
 Aerospace                          Oil & Gas
 Building industry                 Power Station
 CZPT                            Petro-CZPT
 CZPT CZPT                CZPT
 CZPT                                Pulp & Paper
 CZPT & Aggregate            Water & Waste h2o

Advantage of large water pump 
twenty several years in creating Horizontal centrifugal twin impeller power preserving high circulation fee drinking water pump
Independent Layout
advanced engineering from Australia, Canada, CZPTica
Specialized Check CZPT
Anti-rust treatment method casting
CZPT affordable suggestion for choosing pumps

Pump Structure 

one. Horizontal large volume double suction large water pump Casing
The volute casing is split on the horizontal centerline with the suction and discharge nozzle solid integral with the pump casing. The upper casing is correctly positioned on the lower half by the use of dowel pins. The upper casing can be eliminated to examine the inside of the pump with no disturbing the pipe connections or pump alignment. The suction and discharge flanges incorporate tapped holes for vacuum and strain gauge. At the bottom of the flanges, there are tapped plugs for h2o drainage. 
2. Impeller
The impeller is static-balance calibrated, fixed with the muff and the muff nuts in equally sides and its axial placement can be adjusted by means of the nuts and axial pressure receives balanced by implies of the symmetrical arrangement of its blades, there might be residual axial pressure which is borne by the bearing at the axle end.
3. Shaft
The pump shaft is supported by two solitary-column centripetal ball bearings, which are mounted within of the bearing human body on equally finishes of the pump and lubricated with grease. The twin-suction seal ring is employed to decrease the leak at the impeller
4. Seal Sort
There is gland seal variety and mechanical seal variety.
Direction of Rotation
The Horizontal large quantity double suction axially spilt casing centrifugal pump moves CW viewing from the clutch to it. The pump shifting CCW can also be created.
Irrigation pump general substance is solid iron, main contain pump casing, pump include, impeller, seal ring and shaft sleeve, shaft is carbon steel. We could also generate as your needs, these kinds of as nodular solid iron, cast steel, bronze and stainless metal and so on.

Packing and transport


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Double Suction Pump for Power Plant