Good Selling Piston Micro Diaphragm Pump

Good Selling Piston Micro Diaphragm Pump

Fundamental Information


CZPT: acid, alkali, solvent, suspended solids, decentralized program.

CZPT business: crude oil, hefty oil, grease, mud, mud, and so on.

Thanks to: resin, solvents, stain, paint, and so forth.

CZPT market: detergent, shampoo, lotion, product, hand cream, surfactant.

Ceramics, mud, ceramic slurry, lime, clay slurry.

CZPT, coal slurry, magma, mud, mortar, powder slurry, lubricating oil etc.

H2o therapy: lime, delicate sediment, sewage, substances, waste water.

CZPT: liquid and solid, chocolate, salt, vinegar, sugar, vegetable oil, soybean oil, honey, animal blood.

Beverage: yeast, syrup, focus, the mixture of gas and liquid, wine, fruit juice, corn starch, etc.

CZPT: solvents, acid, alkali, plant LianYe, ointment, plasma and other sorts of drugs content liquid.

Paper industry: binder, resin, paint, printing ink, paint, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

CZPTtronics: solvents, plating resolution, cleaning fluid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, squander acid, sharpening liquid, corrosive acid.

Textile: dye chemical substances, resins, rubber, etc.

CZPT: cement, ceramic tile adhesive, rock slurry, ceiling, paint, etc.

CZPT: polishing emulsion, oil, coolant, automotive primer, oil emulsion, degreaser, paint, lacquer, varnish additive, etc.

Furniture market: binder, varnish, dispersions, solvents, reagents, white glue, epoxy resin, starch adhesive.

Metallurgy, casting, and the dyeing industry, metal plasma, hydroxide and carbon slurry, dust washing pulp, and many others.




CZPT parameters

CZPT steel diaphragm pump characteristics:

one. High temperature wax precision casting, smooth area and great visual appeal.

two. Pickling and electrolytic surface treatment method.

three. 4 bolts link layout, very good seal.

four. Higher roundness valve ball, very good dry suction and lower air comsumption.

5. Can provide with PP middle block and aluminum centre block.

CZPT diapragm pump features:

1.Can source PP and PVDF plastic pump, the dimension from one/4″ to 3″.

2.Be total plastic pump for with PP middle block, excellent chemical resistance.

3. PP pump in PP-H content which chemical resistance, wearing resitance much greater than PP.

4. Four bolts link style, excellent seal.

5. Flange link layout, powerful and sturdy.

6. Three section manifold design,flexbile installation.

Aluminum diaphragm pump characteristics:

one. CZPT casting, smooth surface and great physical appearance.

two. 3 section manifold, Versatile installation.

3. Four bolts relationship design and style, great seal.

4. Substantial roundness valve ball, good dry suction and low air use.

PP center block attributes (CZPTant):

1. Aluminum centre block extremely effortless been corroded. So for chemical application advise the pump with PP center block.

two. PP middle block in outstanding chemical resistance.

3. Our PP center block 1-piece style, robust and durbale. Much much better than 3-segment PP middle block which stay need bolts to assemble them jointly.

Good Selling Piston Micro Diaphragm Pump