High Quality Fuel Tank Transfer Pump

High Quality Fuel Tank Transfer Pump

Principal Characteristics

YB collection self-priming rotary vane pump is with by-pass valve constructed-in. The pump utilizes a rotor with sliding vanes to drive the liquid transfer. The material of construction is nodular forged iron with self-lubricating vanes. Thanks to its exceptional overall performance, the pump can take care of viscous and unstable liquid and call for much less horsepower than other equal pumps. The pump has its apparent gain in the transmission of higher movement at reduced revolution.
Oil tank truck
Fleet refueling.
Lube oil
Aviation refuelers
Transmission of petrochemicals, gasoline, diesel, biofuel, solvent, and so forth.

Set up

With cardan shaft or hydraulic motor, the pump can be installed on oil tank vans. And also it can be put in on steel baseplates with motor or diesel engine, making use of for large stream fuel dispensers and floating gas equipments which are compose of pumps and flowmeters. Equipped with Teflon seals, the pump can also transfer a wide selection of solvent in the petrochemical market.

Model Dimensions/Stream Fee/Speed 650 RPM 600RPM 550 RPM five hundred RPM 450 RPM 400 RPM
G/min L/min G/min L/min G/min L/min G/min L/min G/min L/min G/min L/min
YB-fifty 50mm/2” 80 300 72 270 64 240 56 210 48 180 40 150
YB-sixty five 65mm/two.5” 132 five hundred 123 465 114 430 103 390 ninety three 350 eighty two 310
YB-80 80mm/3” 265 one thousand 243 920 222 840 two hundred 760 a hundred and eighty 680 one hundred sixty 600
YB-100 100mm/4”             505 1900     405 1530

 Performance Data

Design YB-50 YB-sixty five YB-80 YB-a hundred
Rated Speed 640RPM 640RPM 640RPM 640RPM
Energy HP three. 5. 10 twenty five
KW two.2 4 seven.five 18.five

High Quality Fuel Tank Transfer Pump