Hot Sell CNC Machined Nylon Plastic Worm Gear

Hot Sell CNC Machined Nylon Plastic Worm Gear

scorching market CNC machined nylon plastic worm gear


Nylon PA6 Sheets & Rods that made the with 100% Virgin Raw Material by HangZhou CZPT CZPTs CZPT (Team) Company, has the best performance, such as: very tough, even at low temperatures, and high hardness in the surface, toughness, mechanical lower shock, and abrasion resistance. Combined with these characteristics and good insulation, and chemical properties, it has become common-level materials.
 Its widely used in a variety of mechanical structures and spare parts. Nylon PA6 products that made by HangZhou CZPT CZPTs CZPT (Group) Company, has the higher hardness, rigidity, a good resistance to wear and heat deflection temperature. 


1. Good Tensile strength

2. High impact and notching impact strength

3. High heat deflection temperature 

4. High strength and stiffness

five. Good glide and limp home characters

six. Good chemical stability against organic solvents and fuels

seven. Resistant to thermal aging (applicable temperature between -50°C and 110°C

eight. Size alternation by humidity absorption must be considered




one. Nylon PA6 CZPT that made by HangZhou CZPT CZPTs CZPT (Group) Company is widely substituted for wear parts of mechanical equipment, or used as quick-wear parts of equipment instead of copper and alloy

two. Shaft sleeve, bearing bush, lining, lining plate, gear

three. Worm gear, roller copper guide rail, piston ring, seal ring, slide block

four. Spheric bowl, impeller, blade, cam, nut, valve plate,

5. Pipe, stuffing box, rack, belt pulley, pump rotor, etc.


Main Properties of  Nylon 

Property Item No. Unit MC Nylon (CZPT) Oil Nylon+CZPT     (Black) Oil Nylon (Environmentally friendly) MC901 (Blue) MC Nylon+MSO2 (Light black)
CZPT Homes one Density g/cm3 one.15 one.15 1.135    one.fifteen one.sixteen
two          Water absorption (23ºC in air) % 1.eight-2.     1.8-two. 2 two.3 two.4
3 Tensile toughness MPa 89 75.3     70     81       78
4 Tensile strain at split % 29 22.7 twenty five 35       twenty five
5 Compressive pressure(at two%nominal strain) MPa fifty one 51 43 forty seven 49
six Charpy effect energy (unnotched) KJ/mtwo No break No split ≥50 No BK No crack
seven Charpy impact energy (notched) KJ/m2 ≥ ≥6.4 four three.5 3.five
eight Tensile modulus of elasticity MPa 3190 3130 3000 3200 3300
9 Ball indentation hardness N/mmtwo 164 a hundred and fifty a hundred forty five 160 one hundred sixty
  ten Rockwell hardness M88 M87 M82 M85 M84

Hot Sell CNC Machined Nylon Plastic Worm Gear