Nespresso Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine

Nespresso Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine

Product Description

Nespresso Coffee Capsule Filling sealing CZPT

Standard functions and optional:1.Car load empty capsule and sensor verify.

                                                      two.Filling material into capsule (±0.1g)

                                                      3.Automobile thoroughly clean the cup edge.

                                                      four.Get foil lid and location prepared on cup.

                                                      5.Check lid in placement and seal (flat seal or ring curve seal)

                                                      six.Completed capsule get out and put on belt

                                  Optional:one.Large specific liquid flavoring pump

                                                    2.Auger conveyor lifter as reload (substitute the vacuum conveyor)

                                                    three.Finished capsule checker weigher and reject unqualified

                              Main functions:1.CZPT, minimal unit expense, hefty responsibility production.

                                                     2.Upgrade Nitrogen technique: Nitrogen flush Oxygen Remain in 5%



CP5002N roll movie

CP5005N precut film

 Appropriate Product

Suited for floor espresso, powders, natural tea.

Normal for: Nespresso Aluminum or Nespresso PP/PBT

Appropriate sealing precut lid recommended(roll movie also available)
Potential speed/hour 80-100 cups/for each minute
Filling fat assortment -20g (set by client)
Accuracy ±0.05~.15g
Voltage 220V/380V  50/60hz require validate by customer
Dimension(Vertical load) (LxWxH) 3420X850X2700(mm)
Dimension(Horizontal load) (LxWxH) 4560X850X2300(mm)
Bodyweight 950kg
Packed Weight 970kg

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Nespresso Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine