Pineapple Concentrated Juice Processing Machines

Pineapple Concentrated Juice Processing Machines

200kg-1000kg/H multi- fruit juice creation line
(fruits are: Mango, pineapple, orange, grape)

 Production Line Performance                                  

Raw materialFresh fruit:Mango, pineapple, orange, grape
Processing capacity800kg-1000kg/H
End productionFruit juice
Packing methodTo be verified
Packing volumeTo be confirmed
II. Supporting facilities
a. Re-circulating cooling h2o dosage: it is believed to use the 5-8 tons of the cooling h2o is dependent on the actual processing potential
b. Supply of the Re-circulating cooling water: working h2o
c. H2o drainage facility: the workshop must be outfitted with ample ground drain unit
d. Complete electricity use: significantly less than 800 KW
e. Electricity source: 3 stage 380 V fifty HZ
f. It will need about 5-twelve people for the entire task, including the packing.
g. Plant / factory spot: about  600 square meter for the equipment workshop, the height: much more than 5 meters.

 Brush Washer        Qty:1set
A.Electricity:.75Kw  380V,50Hz
C.Functioning principle: this device by synthetic or ascend the material, Material into the device following the brush stick among scrub, material use brush rotation, ahead, spray pipe to materials of the dust of the globe and dust to clean, if will brush the rod hair silk diameter overstriking, can be the substance the thorn brushing, materials of mud and thorn in under the motion of water pressure, the item tank discharge.
  D. CZPT:SUS304

Feed pump             Qty:2set
A. Electricity:one.5Kw  380V,50Hz
C.Operating principle: when the motor to drive the pump rotation, screw on the a single hand close to the axis of the rotating alone, on the other hand it together the bushing inside of
area rolling, therefore forming pump seal chamber, screw turn each and every week, seal cavity of fluid ahead a pitch, with screw ongoing rotation, liquid to spiral form from a seal cavity pressure to one more seal cavity, and lastly extrusion pump entire body
D.Substance: the equipment and substance speak to element of the material for SUS304 and four fluorine seals made of.
 Syrup melting tank              Qty:1set
B. Functioning theory: This device is employed for melting, disinfecting, heating, heating, precooking, planning, and concentrating of the content in the foods processing by steam, wine creation, pharmacy and day-to-day chemical business

De- Pulper           Qty:1set
A.Electricity:15Kw  380V,50Hz
C.Doing work basic principle: motor by means of the belt push, make put in in flower,The important
of rotor high-speed rotation, fruit by feed port into the devices, feed the blades will
substance screw conveyor to beating bar, in beating bar, under the motion of the material
 being pound. Thanks to the existence of the centrifugal power, and the content of the
 juice and succulent (has turn into a slurry), by means of the display screen on the display gap
into the next word beating (screen hole in accordance to the fruit of the dimension of the
nuclear and choose), nuclear the slag blade row to taphole, so as to recognize computerized
 separation of slag slurry

Vacuum degasser    Qty:1set
A. Electricity:two.2KW,380V,50HZ
C. Working basic principle : vacuum degasser all and fruit and vegetable juice speak to parts for
 high top quality polished stainless steel supplies and edible rubber, TQ kind is mostly
composed of equipment body, head, nozzle, valve, evident holes, deflation, vacuum
pump, fuel separator, and so forth.

Raw substance: Peach,apricot,plum and other comparable flesh fruits with difficult seed  
End product: Nature Juice, juice Focus, clear juice, cloudy juice, canned fruits  
Creation ability: 20T/D-2000T/D
Output share:   ≥90%
Strong content   seven~12Brix
Packing variety for finish merchandise: Aseptic Bag/glass CZPT/PET CZPT /gable Leading Box/Tetra Pak  
Raw substance Clean Mango / pineapple
Finish product Clear juice and cloudy juice, concentrated juice and nfc
Processing ability sixty- 1500 tons / working day
Output share fifty-seventy five%
Solid material in NFC ten-20Brix
Sound content in concentrated juice 60~72Brix
Conclude deal Aseptic bag/gable leading box/tetra pak/PET bottle

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Pineapple Concentrated Juice Processing Machines