Small Milk Flavored Milk Powder Machine Plant

Small Milk Flavored Milk Powder Machine Plant

Manufacturing approach of total milk powder



Procedure movement:

Uncooked milk acceptance pretreatment —-preheating sterilization—- focus —spray drying—- cooling screening powder —packaging packing —inspection completed product

1.      Acceptance and preprocessing strategy 1. Uncooked milk, uncooked milk must be fresh, not blended with irregular breast, weight ought to be one.571 ~ 1.032 (twenty ºC), the acidity of not more than 20 ° T, unwanted fat material of no considerably less than and not much less than 11.5% milk solids. The quantity of combined micro organism shall not exceed 200,000 / ml. Qualified milk should be filtered and purified.

two. Preheating sterilization: the purpose is to destroy the microorganisms in the milk and ruin the enzyme activity. Higher temperature quick time sterilization approach is generally utilized, or ultra-higher temperature instantaneous time sterilization technique. If use chip or tubular sterilizer, normally used in the sterilization conditions of eighty ~ 85 ºC, thirty CZPTs, or 95 ºC, keep 24 CZPTs. If use extremely-large temperature instantaneous sterilization system, is a hundred and twenty ~ 150 ºC, preserve 1 ~ 2 CZPTs.

There are 3 methods to include sugar to milk powder :(1) include sugar when preheating sterilization(2) grind sucrose, sterilize it, combine the powder with the atomized milk powder, and then fill the pot(3) include component of the sugar when preheating sterilization, and then add the remaining sugar when cHangZhou.

In standard, the techniques of (2) and (three) can be utilised to make the powdered milk containing 35% sugar. But according to the countrywide CZPT, the sucrose material in additional milk powder ought to be much less than 20%.


three. Concentration: the raw milk should be vacuum concentrated instantly soon after sterilization. CZPTly, concentrate to about one/4 of the quantity of raw milk. Concentration products, basic little dairy multi-purpose single-effect vacuum concentration pot, bigger dairy are used in the double-impact or 3-effect vacuum evaporator, also have the use of vane vacuum evaporator. At the stop of the focus, the concentrated milk need to be filtered, generally using a double filter.


4. Spray drying: initial by the blower inlet air filter, by way of the air heater heating to a hundred thirty ~ 160 ºC, into the spray drying chamber. At the identical time, the filtered concentrated milk is pumped by higher pressure to the atomizer or by the milk pump to the centrifugal spray rotary table, sprayed into 10 ~ 20 micron milk droplets and hot air full speak to, sturdy warmth exchange and high quality exchange, speedily eliminate water, in an quick to complete evaporation, drying. It is then settled at the base of the drying chamber, which is discharged constantly by way of the powder making mechanism for well timed cooling. Ultimately, sieve and package deal the powder.


5.Powder, cooling: spray drying indoor milk powder demands rapid and continuous discharge of timely cooling, so as not to warmth way too long, decrease the top quality of goods. The powder items commonly utilized in dairy business are screw conveyor, drum kind valve, vortex gas seal valve and electromagnetic oscillation powder filling gadget. CZPT production technological innovation, is the powder, cooling, sieve powder, powder, powder storage and weighing packaging and other procedures connected into a continuous generation line. The powder and drying powder need to be screened immediately soon after the powder is out. Make the item awesome in time. Spray drying milk powder calls for timely cooling to considerably less than thirty ºC . At current, fluidized bed powder cooling device is normally utilized.

6.weighing CZPT: Milk powder need to be packaged right away after cooling with a horse’s tin canister, glass tank or plastic bag. In accordance to the shelf existence and use of diverse demands, can be divided into tiny cans sealed packaging, plastic bag packaging and massive packaging. The require for prolonged-term preservation of milk powder, it is ideal to use a iron tank vacuum nitrogen filling seal packaging, preservation period can get to 3~five several years. If offered in the short expression, then more use of polyethylene plastic bag packaging, every single bag of $ g or G, with higher-frequency electric powered heater welding seal. Small packaging weighing specifications are correct and rapid, the standard use of capacity or fat automatic weighing cHangZhou machine. Large packaged milk powder is generally provided to people with particular requirements and is also divided into canned and bagged. Each and every tank weighs twelve.5 kg every bag weighs twelve.five kg or a kilogram.


Comparison of diverse milk powder generation procedures

one. Moist process

It is made by directly spraying refreshing cow (sheep) milk into nutrition. It not only does not have intermediate links these kinds of as milk powder re-dissolution, but also makes use of numerous filtration procedures to avert protection dangers and totally make sure the stability of various nutrition. The wet approach is much more challenging and requires a lot more tools. The principal products for the early therapy is the internet milk machine, the homogenizer, if possible the sterilization equipment, the concentration products, the drying products, the packaging gear, and some ancillary gear. Boiler, sewage treatment, and so on.

Wet process demands a few situations

one. Should have a pasture
two, need to have milk
3, need to have a milk powder processing plant.
The milk powder created by the damp process is created of uncooked beef (sheep) milk as the uncooked material in the first time. The solution has very good homogeneity, secure bodily and chemical indicators, and balanced nutrients. Various vitamins will be in the milk. A fully dissolved approach can also reduce the CZPTary pollution of milk powder, which can make sure the freshness and dietary value of the final item, but the use of “wet method” manufacturing is not all dairy businesses can do, this is mainly The length among the milk resource and the generation plant is established, but with a single soaked approach, some warmth delicate vitamins and minerals are easily destroyed during the spray drying method.


two, dry procedure

The dry method is to incorporate the bought massive-deal whey powder to the mixing tank, and put in the vitamins additional by various solids. Right after totally stirring, the combination is right dispensed. The dry method is comparatively simple, mostly mixers, packaging machines, and so forth.

Dry approach warmth sensitive supplies (this sort of as warmth-labile components, which are susceptible to decomposition, polymerization, oxidation and other metamorphic reactions when heated) are effortless to incorporate. Nonetheless, the uniformity of the products produced by the dry approach is not as excellent as that of the moist approach, and there are some variations in the flavor of the style compared with the milk powder developed by the wet procedure.

The dry method has higher requirements on the workshop, and the GMP workshop is normally employed. In purchase to ensure the protection in the course of the generation and processing of milk powder, the formal website of the Food and Drug Administration issued the “Recognize on the Pertinent Function on the Generation License Evaluation for the Manufacturing of Infant System Milk Powder Making use of CZPTed Base Powder”: Permitting enterprises to use imported base powder as uncooked materials to create infants. For toddler formulation, the company need to make according to the dry procedure specified in the “Infant System Milk Powder Generation License Assessment Rules (2013 Version)”. It is strictly forbidden for enterprises to use imported huge-deal infant formulation milk powder for manufacturing and distribution. This regulation is bound to boost the cost and investment of the organization for milk powder manufacturers.


Understand about the damp and dry procedures of milk powder, as properly as their strengths and weaknesses. So, what type of method is utilised to distinguish the completed milk powder? Here you ought to be reminded that you can distinguish it from the components listing of the milk powder packaging: If the first merchandise of the ingredient checklist is “uncooked cow (sheep) milk”, ” Fresh milk” is the wet approach if it is “complete excess fat milk powder, skimmed milk powder or skim milk powder, and many others.” is the dry procedure or dry and soaked mixing method.
3. Dry and soaked composite method
The dry-damp composite process refers to the simultaneous processing of clean milk by dry mixing and moist mixing. The milk powder that can be developed by the soaked mixing approach is comparatively near to the milk resource, which can guarantee that the fresh milk is powdered once and can quickly grow to be the smallest bundle that can be sold. It minimizes the pollution of the intermediate link, makes certain the freshness of the milk powder, and right mixes the nutrients into the clean milk to make the nutrient combination far more uniform, whilst some heat-delicate vitamins and minerals (vitamins, probiotics) are extra in the dry mixing process to make sure its action. . This approach is superior to the wet mixing procedure or the dry mixing approach alone.




The introduction of tools:

one, Refreshing Milk Short term Storage Tank: 

Scope of Use: 

Mainly utilized in fresh milk, juice, tea drinks and pharmaceutical components blending ahead of the use of content momentary storage, in buy to decrease precipitation to aid the subsequent complete mixing and blending, short-term storage tank can be optional circulating centrifugal pump and insulation device. This products is an indispensable products for meals, beverage and pharmaceutical vegetation. The use of resources for SUS304 stainless metal, in Line with GMP production CZPTs.

Unit diagram:

Device parameters: 

one Effective Volume:2000L 

2. plate for 304# stainless metal

three. tank insulation CZPT compressor energy:6.5KW 

4. the tools in the tank is 300MESH, the appearance of 2B sub-gentle

five. outfitted with self-priming feed pump, sanitary quality. 

six. fully enclosed top with 0° , anti-fly dust-evidence breathable hole,

seven. CZPT Cleansing: The leading of the tools is equipped with 360 degree rotating CIP cleaning head

8. Digital temperature meter, temperature show variety 0ºC-ºC

nine. CZPT One-layer vertical framework, the lower part of the CZPT rapidly connecting valve group. 

A . Double prime feed Port phiXihu (West Lake) Dis.

4 only adjustable height ft. 

A . CZPT Framework: one-layer cone base sort

the 4~seven diploma holds temperature and can be cooled continually at constant temperature. 


2 , CZPT-Quality Ice Drinking water Models :           

1 , structural description : It embodies affordable framework, substantial performance and better power intake coefficient. Air-cooled form. 

CZPT Motion: The use of imported compressor machine, two-stage variable speed, 1st-class pulley, two-stage curved arm gear symmetrical transmission, particular alloy bearings, bilateral rolling bearings, horizontal security, low sounds, mechanical performance on average increased by about a cent. 

Moisturizing sliding: Splash Type free of charge lubrication, secure and dependable. 

Major pump body: three-side sort, the protect making use of radial self-situation seal, resilient, no exterior leakage.

System Power: 5P

minimal setting temperature: -5 degrees Celsius. 

Unit Dimensions: 1500mm*650mm*1450mm ( length * width * height)


three , GY-2000LS Small and medium-sized Pap milk sterilizer: 

one ), Scope Of Use: 

This tools is broadly utilised in new milk, traditional Chinese drugs, biopharmaceutical, soy merchandise, liquid condiments and other components pasteurization, large temperature sterilization, extremely ideal for tiny and medium-sized creation of pasteurized milk products. This creation-sort pasteurization machine sets heating, sterilization, cooling, very hot filling as a single. It is the perfect complete established of gear for college and community dairy production enterprises.

2 ), CZPT Attributes: 

The sterilization temperature of this equipment can be set in accordance to the needs of pasteurization or high temperature sterilization, sterilization temperature the ° C~85 ° C can be adjusted arbitrarily. All parts of the products in get in touch with with the merchandise are made of SUS 304 stainless steel, casing washers and seals are produced of food quality fluorine rubber, and the product line is linked using DIN CZPT pipe fittings. In the screen output, the production of pasteurization machine configuration has a digital screen temperature management method and timing sterilization control method, and according to user demands to select the sterilization temperature and sterilization time and pump start and intermittent time. This equipment is a multi-tank combined construction, quite appropriate for small batches of multi-assortment dairy enterprises generation and use. 

three ), CZPT Parameters 

1. CZPT addresses only inside of a few meters, exterior steam generators or steam boilers and other facilities. 

2. CZPT water consumption 5T/H (optional exterior Ice water device, developed-in refrigerated liquid cycle refrigeration)

3. rated capacity : 800-2000L/H ( production on Demand adjustment ), the highest processing capability of this system is 0L ( optional In accordance to client requirements ))

4. sterilization temperature 75~85ºC up to a maximum ofºC, Can be modified according to the genuine requirements, true-time regulation of PID constant temperature manage technological innovation, so that the complete temperature zone manage Wen Yu, sterilization temperature management accuracy ±1ºC. 

5. sterilization time according to distinct sterilization temperature Set sterilization time . 

6. circulation is pump electricity:1.55KW .   

7 . CZPT filter: Foods grade stainless metal filtration mesh. 

eight. sterilization circulating tank quantity:0 liters 

9. Sterilization method: casing Type , pipe diameter 

A . Maximum force: force

One . Cleaning of gear: circulating filtration and cleansing of large strain centrifugal pump

A . design work : eight. 5KW

All of the total machine utilizing high-quality SUS304 stainless steel generation, substance contact portion of the pipe fittings with meals-grade seamless SUS304 Pipe . 

A . built-in steam temperature manage proportional valve established, entice, drain valve. 

A . built -in PT100 temperature sensor numerous locations.

The automatic PLC automatic management,7 inch color touch screen dynamic display technique . 

by particle:200~300 mesh

. power provide:3 phase 380V

A . Host size 2800mm*150mm*1950mm ( CZPT according to client requirements production)



Serial quantity

Unit Name

Unit parameters


New Milk temporary storage tank

the liters , SUS304 2B, CZPT Precision A with continual temperature refrigeration purpose. Temperature 3~7 degrees Celsius. Geared up with an on-line filtration system. 


Plate Preheater

– Square plate preheater, stainless metal content


Skimming equipment

centrifugal milk skimming equipment, processing ability the liters / hours. Power 4.5KW. CZPT steel content. 


On the internet homogenization CZPT

Processing Capacity the kg , Maximum pressure 35MPa (ZheJiang Shen Deer)


Pasteurization CZPT

the liter Casing pasteurization CZPT, with its personal heating temperature control, coloration touch display dynamic show, PLC CZPT handle method. 


CZPT technique

10P Ice Drinking water Device, negative 5-diploma ice water machine, with 3000 L-Adjust warmth buffer tank, 8 Square stainless metal plate heat exchanger. 


 Concentration gear

one thousand L CZPT Steel


Spray Dryer

Drying the milk powder


Complete line Connection

CZPT steel ball valve, butterfly valve, rapidly relationship, clamp, sanitary gasket, liquid degree, elbow, unilateral and other connecting pipes and pipe fittings, add-ons.



Small Milk Flavored Milk Powder Machine Plant