Zjp Series Roots Vacuum Pump Roots Vacuum Pump Set Unit Zjp-300

Zjp Series Roots Vacuum Pump Roots Vacuum Pump Set Unit Zjp-300

ZJ Sequence Roots Vacuum Pump is a positive displacement pump, also known as mechanical booster pump, which is a single of the primary tools to obtain the middle and high vacuum degree. 

Its doing work basic principle is related to roots blower, which use two determine 8 rotor synchronous rotation in the pump shell, so as to total the suction and exhaust process.

The principal gain of ZJ series roots vacuum pump is a high pumping pace at the decrease inlet pressure with high final vacuum. Since the pump working areas have no speak to, such as rotors and the stop go over, so the pump efficiency is secure and prolonged support time. minimal maintenance expense

They`re widely employed in vacuum smelting, vacuum welding, vacuum casting, vacuum coating, vacuum drying, vacuum dynamic experiment and chemical pharmaceutical, 
electric vacuum gadget production industries.

In look at of the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries require large vapor degassing capablity. the sealing construction of ZJ roots vacuum pump chamber and the bearing chamber has enhanced, which tremendously minimizing the bearing cavity and gear cavity oil emulsification. 
Therefore, ZJ roots vacuum pump is a lot more appropriate for pumping big portions of water vapor and solvent with h2o ring vacuum pump.


Model ZJ-150 ZJ-three hundred ZJ-600 ZJ-1200
Pumping pace(L/s) a hundred and fifty 300 600 1200
Supreme stress
1stage piston pump as backing pump 5×10-2
two phase piston pump as backing pump 1×10-one
Max. allowable diff. force(Pa) 8×103 5×103
Motor rotary velocity(RPM) 3000
Ideal motor electricity(kW) 2.2 4 seven.5 eleven
Flange measurement Inlet(mm) 100 one hundred fifty 200 250
outlet(mm) one hundred 150 two hundred two hundred
CZPT drinking water intake(L/h) one hundred twenty a hundred and fifty
Allowable temperature(ºC) a hundred
Vacuum pump oil one hundred#
Fat(with out motor)(kg) 195 250 760 860

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Zjp Series Roots Vacuum Pump Roots Vacuum Pump Set Unit Zjp-300