Egg Trays 30 Chicken Eggs Paper Small Machine Dry Machine Gas

Egg Trays 30 Chicken Eggs Paper Small Machine Dry Machine Gas

egg trays thirty hen eggs paper little device dry machine fuel
one.Paper egg tray forming creating machine pulp machinery 
Item Kind: Egg Tray recycling equipment
Processing Sort: Pulp CZPTing CZPT
Place Of Origin:China

Rotary: 1 /4 /8 /12 Faces
Forming Platen Measurement: 1600 x four hundred mm / 1950 x 420 mm / 2350 x 420 mm
Capacity: 5000 – 7500 pcs/hr (30-egg tray)
Matches with six-layer dryer, vitality effective and preserve vitality
Complete automatic egg box creation line equipped with computerized scorching pressing and smart conveying stacking technology.
Mostly used for egg tray,  egg carton, egg box, fruit tray, cup CZPT, bottle tray and so forth.

2 .Manufacturing Line including:1.)Pumping method
To smash the h2o paper to pulp .
Hydrapulper ,Pulp pump ,Air compressor,agitator,Self priming pump,pulping equipment.
two.)Molding Technique
Generate the paper mould completed items
Total automated egg tray forming machine, vacaume pump , Higher force washer , Adverse pressure tank , mould, Transfer mould, baler .
three.)Drying systerm
Multi Layer Steel Drying
Large productive, Goes into manufacturing fastly, quick set up time , Much less plant area necessary
below are two sorts of drying program. One particular is metal, the other is brick. The conveyor plate can be one layer and multi-layer, immediate combustion sizzling air circulation. Utilizing the imported or joint venture brand burner (domestic uses the stove bar), outfitted with an computerized handle cabin

three.CZPT can generate items

4. Buyer visit

5.About our factory

    CZPT Pulp Molding CZPT Manufacturing unit is a large company which specialized in making of a variety of types of paper pulp molding merchandise and equipments. There is a 20

acres industrial park. We can make all varieties of paper pulp molding items, this sort of as egg tray, egg box, bottle tray, electrical lined with packaging , paper shoe stretcher,

cans and milk box and so on. The manufacturing line such as YZ-1000, YZ-2000, YZ-3000, YZ-4000, YZ-8000 can generate all sorts of paper pulp molding items. In

2012,our firm investigated and designed a new energy conserving multilayer products with a new type of dry boiler, it can decrease the value of drying significantly. We established up

workplace in ZheJiang , ZheJiang , ZheJiang ,  ZheJiang , ZheJiang , ZheJiang , ZheJiang , ZheJiang , HangZhouang, ZheJiang , ZheJiang , CZPTxi, CZPTsu and so on. The tools exported to

more than 80 countries, this kind of as Libya, Zambia, Nigeria, Brazil, CZPTica and so on.
  In 2012, we also researched and developed a new fireproofing fiber board. It mainly utilized in building,  aerospace field, Kiln insulation and so on.

  CZPT Pulp Molding CZPT Manufacturing facility is a very best option for small and medium-sized enterprises  and men and women investing.

six.Our Solutions
A: The Vendor will send engineers to the buyer’s manufacturing facility, they are dependable for the instruction of setting up equipment and coaching the operator until the device working usually. All the bills out of china (such as the spherical-trip air tickets, foods and hotel, wage 80usd/working day/enginner) should be borne by the purchaser. The consumer should put together onetranslator for our engineers to conversation.  
B: Forming device guarantee time: 12 thirty day period.
(not including the mould and rapid-dress in components)
 The seller will give beneath fast-dress in areas for cost-free to purchaser:
Proximity switch –ten units.
Solenoid valve -1 device (10 leather packing)
Mildew main -10 boxes
C: In 3 months, if Vacuum pump, motors or Air compressor was damaged due to the fact of the good quality of machine by itself, the customer need to send out the issue element back to vendor , the vendor will give the new one particular instantly. But as for the improper operation of the personnel, the seller will not be dependable for them.


one.What kinds of devices do you generate?
(1)pulp moulding devices,egg tray machines,egg packing devices,egg box/carton devices,fruit tray machines,industrial machines, seeding tray devices .and the total manufacturing line and so forth.
(2)all types of moulds ,this sort of as egg tray moulds,egg box/carton moulds, fruit tray moulds,seeding tray moulds,industrial moulds etc.
(3)drying line
two.What ability per hour do you supply ?
Our machines’ ability is from 1000pcs/hr to 6000pcs/hr.
3.Do your products arrive with a warranty ?
Of course , we have one particular year guarantee according the intercontinental apply.
4.Can you give me a low price?Indeed ,we provide custom-made services to our clients, you require to provide us some
samples,these kinds of as photos,dimensions and so on.
Indeed,we are the company, at the exact same moment we assure the high quality, we will give you a lower price.
6.How to install?
The vendor dispatches engineers to buyer’s manufacturing unit. Customer ought to aid set up.
Seller is liable for installation, tests and instruction for thirty days, the purchaser must insure the safety of the engineers.

Egg Trays 30 Chicken Eggs Paper Small Machine Dry Machine Gas