Pig and Livestock Poultry Farm Environmental Control Diesel Heater

Pig and Livestock Poultry Farm Environmental Control Diesel Heater

Product Description

Pig and Livestock Poultry Farm CZPTal Handle Diesel Heater

Coloration Yellow and black
Air Volume 1100m³/h
Covering 320m³
Temperature twenty-25ºC
Fuel 2-4kg/hour
Quantity 85 decibels
Power 55KW
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Item Size 104.5*forty six.5*57cm
Package deal dimensions 129*forty nine*62.5cm
Web weight 30.6kg
Gross weight 33.7kg

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Product Attribute

★The gasoline of this machine is diesel or kerosene.
★ 56L big integrated gas tank, stainless steel combustion chamber, with cooling operate, at minimum 12 hours of steady procedure common gasoline usage of three.5L / h, 340W motor, five% strength saving than conventional heating, inexpensive and practical.
★ gas atomization combustion, compelled hot air type heating, fast heating, excellent combustion impact, substantial operate effectiveness.
★The entire personal computer version of the dustproof layout, water-resistant grade IPX4 (no hazardous consequences brought on by drinking water splash in any direction) the board is fully humidity-evidence design long lifestyle rotary vane pump, extended provider daily life.
★CZPT digital ignition, with flameout defense and overheat safety system, automated shutdown because of to overheating and irregular circumstances, safe and secure use.
★The outer layer anti-scald steel tube design, with handle and caster style, good workmanship, personal design thinking about security, operation functionality and financial benefits, effortless to go, can also successfully block and avert accidental burns.


one. Do not store or use gasoline or other volatile flammable materials around the products.
two. The tools is a direct-fired hot air blower, which employs the oxygen inside of the residence to assist combustion. It ought to make sure that the equipment functions typically and the house is effectively ventilated.
three. This heater can’t be utilised for heating in a house area or heating inside the vehicle.
4. End ahead of refueling unplug prior to repairing or shifting the heater.
5. When the combustion chamber has gas, it cannot be turned on. It are not able to be turned on when there is unstable fuel or gasoline.
six. At the very least .4 square meters of seating spot is needed to obtain excellent ventilation and horizontally put on the ground.
seven. The risk-free distance to be taken care of with flammable resources is .eight m on each sides, 1.five m on top, and 3 m on hot air outlet. 2 m into the air inlet and observe that the air inlet ought to not be coated by plastic fabric or canvas, hence influencing the air intake.
8. If the device is stopped for a long time, it must be saved in a ventilated and dry spot. The wet surroundings will result in the parts of the gear to rust, resulting in the gear not working properly. If it is not utilised for a long time, you can operate the device each and every two months to check out no matter whether the equipment is broken.
9. Fill the fuel tank with oil ahead of storage to stop rust inside of the fuel tank. Discharge the oil in the gas tank before use and substitute it with new gasoline.

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Pig and Livestock Poultry Farm Environmental Control Diesel Heater